Why all the major programming languages are written in English?

By Avijit Mondal

Why all the major programming languages are written in English?

There are lots of tricky questions roam around inside our mind. If you are interested to learn programming languages, then these types of questions might confuse you, right?  First of all we need to know that where are the most of programming languages were made. The pure base of IT industries started in the US that’s why programming is written in their preferred language(Although it’s not the official state language, it’s very much the most-often used). That’s why English is a big deal here.

Top 9 Programming Languages


Here are the most useful and best-ranked programming languages in the world. These programming languages use English for functional understanding and easy to use for all users. But, if you think all programming languages are written in English then you are wrong. You can follow this link to see non-English based programming languages. Now, you all know that when the first computer was discovered then the computer language used was FORTRAN, this was also based on English, because during that time computer support “Lingua Franca” in 1954. It is a type of French language. After that, the Russian and German language also came but computer engineers are thought that these language have limited vocabularies and hard to spell. Now transform into English, thats crazy, this is easy language and also helps to convert our programming code to machine assembly code with easy keywords.

FORTRAN Language actually look like

Now we see that all types of languages come with font and device language but computer programming languages still remain the same because of assembly code. We all heard about microprocessor 8085, right? That subject taught us how to write machine code. These all are the main objective of programming language written in English. But, why English? The answer is here.

The English language is highly enriched with rich-vocabulary, very robust, and detailed language. English also includes meaningful, useful concepts, terms from several other languages. After all, we all need to know that not programming languages are written in English. Programming keywords(for,if,else,do,while etc) are written in English for better understanding.

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