Social App Development: 7 Features You Must Have

By Sangita Chatterjee

social app development

Social App Development: 7 Features You Must Have

Nowadays we all have a very active virtual social life with our real life. It will connect us with our friends and family with whom we can’t connect physically as much as we want to no matter how hard we try to. It keeps you on the same page with your dear ones in spite of the distance between you. You can share everything you want with your followers and friends. The social app development will give you the opportunity to video call your friends where you can see and talk to them.

Here in this blog, I will mention the important features that you must have in your social media app development.

The Features You Must Have in Your Social Media App

1. Profile on Social App Development

The first thing your users will do is create their profile. You can link this with their other social media profiles or as an alternative they can sign in with their existing emails and passwords. They will also like to add their photos with editing effects as their profile pictures. They will also like if you give them leverage to create a small bio in their profile.

2. Connections Between the Users

Your users should be able to connect with each other. It can be called making friends or following or some other terms. Some like to comment or to explore or search. They will also create groups among the same minded people. They will search and recommend various social events to their friends on social media. Your users will also like to send a message to one another through a social networking app.

3. Social App Development with Multi-lingual Support

With multi-language support, you can reach a huge number of users, as everyone prefers to interact with their own language. Research has proven that not half of the social app users use English. You should select your target audience than choose the languages.

4. Contents

You can attract your users by adding interesting content. It can be expressive stickers or some photos or videos. They can use it while they will be conversing with their acquaintances. It will make their conversation more funny and entertaining.

5. Messaging

Sometimes your users will want to message their friends without opening the whole app. Like messengers, they will like to only message through your app. This action will be less complicated for them.

6. Feeds

These are the most engaging content in the social media app. Your users can share any news or their personal photo with their friends. It will make the interaction more engaging. They will also like to share their special moments with their friends in the social media app which will be praised among their group of friends.

7. Admin Panel

This feature will help you to connect with your users. If they had any queries regarding the app, you can give them the needed information within the stipulated time. It will make your app more acceptable and reliable to your users. You can also keep an eye on them if they are violating any rules of the app and take immediate action while needed.

Backend and database are also two important features. But to build the app you need an experienced social app development company. That way you will be sure to protect the data and information that your users will share through your app. I can give you some suggestions regarding the vendor company.

The One You Need To Build Your Social Media App

Openweb Solutions is the one you can trust. They have their well-experienced developers who have a fair share of experience in these types of apps. The developers will help you to build even a better app with their knowledge and expertise then you can actually think of. They have also worked in the media & entertainment app, healthcare app, logistics app, etc. The versatility of their work helps them to do better with each upcoming project they aim for. You can see for yourself by contacting them.

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