Android Things: Extension of an Android Platform

By Suchandra Mondal

Android Things: Extension of an Android Platform

Android Thing is an extension of an Android platform for an IOT embedded device. We came to know about android in our phones for many years. Android is also available to us on smartwatches, TVs, and cars also. Now with android things, you can have android in any device that you can imagine. Android things are ideal, intelligent, and powerful for devices that need to be secured. Some examples of where android things would work very well are Retails industry such as interactive ads, vending machine, stock control powered by Android. Also, it is used in various industries like in a camera, smart access meters, etc. In the logistic, we can think the use of android things like some form in the application or assets tracking and protective services. Android Things is also suitable for home automation like smart doorbell or energy monitoring system.

Android development and Android Things both are similar. Android SDK is used for the development of android things. So, all the API’s and other things which we learn from android development are similar. We can develop an app in the android studio and run it on Android Things. We can also use the play service API, Firebase, and real-time database.

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