What is a chatbot, why you need it?

By Aditi Das

What is a chatbot, why you need it?

If you have attempted to get in touch with a company, you would know the depth of frustration which one goes through. Calling does not help as the caller is put through a lengthy process which does not yield result in the end. Though companies have implemented various improvement plans, the situation has not gone through much alteration. It is the same old process which a caller face. It is the same old robotic voice that keeps talking instead of a real human being.

However, the good news is technology has improved a lot. With the technological improvement people can have easy conversation with the customer care executives. The easiest solution is – chatbot. The best thing about chatbot is liberty. Even though it is a technological invention, it is not restricted by technology. It is devised in a way that chatbot can drive a conversation with right information.

Usually chatbots use messengers for the conversation. Depending on the technology the chatbot can learn from the other person as well. Using this information the chatbot creates customized interaction. The chatbots can explore data and store them for the future use. Chatbots can be used for trouble shooting or for recommendation for this reason.

This technological wonder can be used for different types of customer servicing. In case, you face any problem with a product, you can get in touch with a chatbot. To solve your problem, the chatbot can offer proper information.

Different brands are using chatbot to make personal relationship with the customers. A recent study has shown that the brands are getting successful at this.

Some Examples of Chatbots

Weather Bot – This is a famous one which will help you know about the weather in no time.

Grocery Bot – Facing problem in buying grocery? Well, here is the solution. Get help from grocery bot. It will help explore and order grocery without trouble.

Likewise, you will find news bot, life adviser bot and various other similar chatbots. They offer limitless possibilities to the brands. Anything imaginable can be made from the chatbot.

Why Go for One

Now, this is a great question, why should you go for the length of trouble and devise a chatbot. Well, there are countless reasons.

The first reason is the customer preference. People are using more of these apps than social media apps. This is considered to be a huge turning point for the brands. The messaging apps have turned out to be the application of future generation. With the popularity of the app, now, you can build your business within the application.

Building Chatbot

It might seem like a difficult task to build a chatbot. However, for a skilled developer the task is an easy one. The target is to create a chatting machine with an artificial intelligence. However, before you set out to build the bot, it is imperative to decide the purpose of the bot. If you explore, you will find a load of resources available online. All you need to do is dig deeper for information or else contact our business analyst for a FREE session. Please mail to sales@openwebsolutions.in to request a session with our analyst. OR add openweb.solutions in skype to to do the same!

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