Use of PHP Artisan command with Laravel framework

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Use of PHP Artisan command with Laravel framework

Laravel is a highly productive oops structure supported PHP framework. In the laravel framework, PHP artisan command is combined with the command line interface. Laravel application provides command line setup facilities where you can create and manage your project from command line.

PHP artisan provides several numbers of commands which are very important and useful to set up and develop your application in Laravel.

Here is the list of some of the most useful PHP artisan commands. You can type the commands in command prompt from your project base path.

  • php artisan serve
  • php artisan make
  • php artisan help
  • php artisan –versian
  • php artisan tinker
  • php artisan make controller controller_name
  • php artisan make modal modal_name

For viewing all the available commands you may type the list command:

	php artisan list

This command will show you the list of all php artisan commands and the way to use them.

If you want you can also build your own custom command. You can type make:command Artisan command, for example:

php artisan make:command UserRole

This command will create the new class in the path by default this “app/Console/Commands” folder but if required you can change it to the custom storage path as per your preference.

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