Healthcare application development – Notes & checklist

By Miltan Chaudhury

Healthcare application development – Notes & checklist

Since the advancement of internet powered technologies, the industry has seen a dramatic shift in the operating system. With the introduction of web and mobile apps, healthcare industry has been one of the biggest gainers. It is not new news that currently healthcare technology is creating big hype in the industry.

However, before taking a decision of launching a healthcare app, it is better to gauge the need of the application in the industry.

Fortunately, the domain of healthcare is itself so huge, and so are the needs in various sectors in it. So, for smart entrepreneurs, there is always a scope to come up with a revolutionary idea, that can bring goodness in the life of mankind. Yes, that is one of the most appealing fact about becoming a technology entrepreneur in healthcare domain!

As examples I can mention about

  • Hospital Information Systems,
  • Clinic management system,
  • Prescription designer for physicians,
  • Medicine dispensing application for pharmacists,
  • DICOM viewers (related to medical imaging)
  • EMR or EHR applications


Even, with a large amount of data, we can develop analytic software that will assist physician to detect and treat many diseases more efficiently, while taking care of the genetic history of a particular patient. Introduction of machine learning and AI can help us diagnose and fight illness with 100% accuracy!

So, the possibility is enormous. This is one specific area of knowledge, that can always be enriched with our collective effort and reap the goodness of success!

However, if you are thinking of building a healthcare application, then you should know that creating a web based or mobile app is more than just getting the job done from your developers. With so many applications soaring high, there might be a slight chance that your application can go unnoticed. The combination of right strategy, correct execution and great design makes an application an instant hit in the industry.

So here are few important things you should consider before investing chunk amount of money into the process of creating the healthcare app.

The user experience and the user interface play the main role

Building a healthcare app is not an easy task. Here you will have to think about all the patients who need to enter their medical record every now and then. The same is applicable for a doctor who needs to update the medical history of each patient after every single visit. Keeping the design of the app simple is the best way to grab attention.

You must remember patients of all age will be accessing your healthcare app. Therefore, creating a mobile app, which is easy to handle, is the best you can do to move ahead of your competitors. The process of entering records should run smoothly.

While searching for any remedies, the patient will be panicky and vulnerable. The healthcare app should not give out any negative feeling. Before launching the app, consider the color, text, font, design etc very carefully. The user interface or UI has to be bright and supportive.

Secure all the records

Healthcare app is a platform where people feed many of their vulnerable records, which remains hidden in the public eye. If you are planning to launch a healthcare app, which will collect sensitive information from the patients, by default you will have to include a privacy policy. Patients want their health record to be protected. The most important role of a healthcare app is to keep the information of each patient protected.

If you are a resident of USA, abiding by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliance is a must. Even if, you are not residing in USA, it is always suggested to follow the standards of HIPAA compliance, to make your application more acceptable to your customers.

You need to know about the guidelines that has to be followed while launching the healthcare app. Your slightest mistake can get your app rejected in the app stores if it is a mobile app.

Go for a testing session before the unveiling

Once you are done with building the app, you must run a demo before revealing it in front of millions of users. App testing is the most important part. To avoid any complications, test the functionalities very cautiously. From the record collection to the privacy policy, a healthcare app just has to be perfect. It needs to pass all the strict guidelines set by the government as well as the app stores.

If you find any flaws, correct all your mistakes before launching the app. The launching can take a little longer than your set deadline, but give the users only the best.

These are some primary checklist that everyone must follow while developing a web application or mobile application in the healthcare domain. If you need further assistance or suggestion, you are most welcome to contact our business analyst for a FREE session. Please mail to sales@openwebsolutions.in to request a session with our analyst. OR add openweb.solutions in skype to to do the same!

Best wishes for your venture!

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