What are the Advantages of Using Swift Over Objective C for iOS Development?

By Avijit Mondal

What are the Advantages of Using Swift Over Objective C for iOS Development?

When do you first know this thing that iOS application is made in Objective C language? In objective C language, implementing each View Controller generate two files one is header file and the other is the main file. That’s why development with Objective C is a little bit tougher to understand for the developers. It is also difficult to know which files have the called function. Objective C comes with in-build Cocoa or Cocoa-touch file that also makes a developer a little bit confusing. But, when Swift came it solved many confusions and made it easy to implement many Objective C codes which were a little bit tough before. It comes with many access modifier, protocol, closure, strong and weak variable concept, etc. There are many points of views to compare those languages but the main points are the following:

  • Easy To Understand:  Objective C generates two files at the same time, whenever I want to implement a new class into a new file: one is header file and another is the main file. If the developer creates more files, they have to check two files for only one error. So, this is more complicated when debugging perform by a developer. But, in other ways, swift is a very easy language to implement and also it’s the official development language announce by Apple Inc. This cuts the number of files in the project in half, which makes it much easier to handle.
  • Accelerate Running Process: Swift brings a huge revolution in our development generation. It stimulates the speed of app development and so you can be sure of completing the project within the deadline. The comprehensive object sort is near about 3.5 times more faster than the same programming algorithm in Obj-C. It’s also faster than any other language.
  • Popular Open-Source Language: One of the main reasons to choose Swift over Objective-C is that it is the fastest growing open source programming language. Apple announced its open source in 2015. This literally means that the app developers have the freedom of using it over many types of applications. Also, you can create a back end using this language.
  • Support Dynamic Library: When many classes and objects in an abstract way as library Swift help us to import those libraries. Best and suitable many important libraries in Swift are directly uploaded to the memory, so it helps us cut down on the total initial size of the app. But Obj-C does not support any dynamic libraries. So, in this case also Swift win.

That’s why many developers love swift language very much.

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