Moving Beyond Conventional Educational Concept by Revisiting Learning Management System

By Aditi Das

Moving Beyond Conventional Educational Concept by Revisiting Learning Management System

When the whole world is upgrading then why not our educational system will follow the same trend? Today learning is not bounded in one single classroom and its blackboard but modern Learning Management System (LMS) breaks all the barriers of brick-and-mortar educational establishments. It is called Learning Management System because it has traditionally focused on course administration, learner enrollment, and classroom management.

With the development of modern technology, an extensive use of digital materials and the changing needs of modern learners, a traditional classroom-based approach becomes less efficient. To remedy the situation schools and colleges adopt Leaning Management System. Though e-learning will not completely replace brick-and-mortar education, sometimes a room for traditional classroom-based education is needed to assist the kids’ socialization process as a psychical presence is essential.

The description below offers a guide to help learning professionals compare the conventional educational system to the modern Learning Management learning system.

 Learner Engagement:
An LMS allows moving a school to the digital format, whereas conventional learning offers the very structure of a school, blackboards, departments, teachers, classes, and students. But here independent teachers manage multiple classes with separate curriculums, scoring, attendance tracking, assessments, reports, systems of communication and parents’ involvement.

 Distance doesn’t matter:
If you are living in a remote area and you have not any school near you then there is no reason to worry because LMS will be able to reach in you only if you have an access to a computer or even a Smartphone. This means you can learn at any time from anywhere when you still want to feel like you’ve achieved something.

 A personalized approach to each student:
One must admit that it is quite difficult for a teacher to satisfy the diverse needs of individual students while there are different types of students in the classroom. Here LMS, in its turn, allows teachers to shift from a “one-size-fits-all” model to a student-centered one, with a primary focus on students’ needs and equal opportunities for everyone. It takes
time as long as you need to absorb course material without holding anyone else back. Similarly, the Modern learning system is also ideal for those students who are a fast learner, as it means you can progress with your course without wasting time waiting for others to catch up. But, this is impossible to achieve in the traditional classroom-based education.

 Conquer your fears and shyness:
Have you ever noticed how different the behavior of students with a low self-esteem is when they are in the classroom with peers and online? A low self-esteem and shyness are obstacles towards an active participation and engagement in the classroom activities, which, in their turn, are easily overcome in the online learning environment, where a student sits in a comfortable chair in front of the monitor and doesn’t fear to express their thoughts. The number of communication tools, offered by a Learning Management System, such as a chat, a forum, social communities, blogs,
wikis etc. allows a teacher to engage students and give a voice to less confident ones. The huge variety of e-learning courses offer at Virtual College covering everything allows a student to dip in and out of courses which suits your interests or work requirements. Actually, the beauty of e-learning is that you can do them from your own home, with just the cost of the teaching to cover.

 Save your progress:
one of the great advantages of e-learning with Virtual College is that every time you leave your course to go back to work, pick up the kids or you simply get distracted, your progress will be automatically saved by our Learning Management System (LMS). But in the conventional learning system, you have to stay for the whole session, so if an emergency occurs, you’ll miss out, but e-learning allows you to be much more flexible.

 Parents’ direct involvement:
LMS has a set of predefined roles, including a role of a parent who can also be able to log in to the system to check the child’s attendance, track the grades, and communicate with a teacher or other parents. It helps to build better parent-teacher-student relationships. But, in the conventional system, this bonding is very rare to find out.

To sum up, brick-and-mortar learning will stay with us, but E-learning will effectively replace it as the dominant educational setting of the future. And as with traditional education; a hierarchy of e-learning schools will emerge based on their perceived quality, student employability and so on.
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