Steps Education Industry should adopt to keep Enlightening in COVID-19 crisis

By Partha Ghosh

Steps Education Industry should adopt to keep Enlightening in COVID-19 crisis

With the growing concern in every sector about the unpredictable future COVID-19 is bringing, the education sector has its own share of fear too. But, unlike other business ventures, the education industry has greater chances of survival if few guidelines are followed and changes are made.

Some of the organizations in the education sector have already started taking precautionary measures to keep their productivity running. If you haven’t taken them yet, learn here what you are missing.
Just go through the points given below and you will get to know the points along with learning the missing part.

Significant steps to take in the education industry

First Step:

If you still haven’t taken the online measures to be implemented in your educational institution then you are at a big loss, my friend. You are not only losing business but hampering the future of many students depends on your organization. So, quickly grab the Open-source digital learning solutions and Learning Management Software to conduct a successful online classroom. This will ensure continuity in the learning procedure without loss from any side.

Second Step:

Your second step should be the upbringing and proper approach to the marginalized and vulnerable sector of society. It is a reality even in today’s time that many sections of the society do not have a reach to high-tech instruments like computers and laptops. So, you should find a solution for them too. The best way is to use a technology that is accessible on various platforms like Smartphones. As, we know that more people have an approach to smartphones than other technologies, so if you use such a widely accessible technology for teaching purposes, more students and teachers interaction will take place.

Third Step:

Strategies should be made differently for the higher education sections because of their future demands and career. Even, if your organization automatically promotes the students of the lowers standards but for the higher standards, it is necessary to take the examination for skill assessment. So, you should make use of the proper technology for remote and fair examination conduction. Remember, today’s students are future earners of the country. And, in today’s pandemic, building strong earner is highly essential.

Important Note**

These steps are not only for large organizations like schools and colleges only. But, every institution and individual body associated with this noble work can take these steps like coaching centers, tutors, etc.


One important thing that must be remembered by all is that even if the crisis ends, this is going to become the new normal in society. Even after the end of the pandemic, institutions are going to, can, should, and must follow these steps for some time to ensure complete safety.

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