Top Futuristic Technologies that can work as Savior in COVID-19 crisis

By Partha Ghosh

Top Futuristic Technologies that can work as Savior in COVID-19 crisis

With the increasing COVID-19 cases around the world, sustaining a proper lifestyle is becoming more challenging day after day. Even if some countries, industries, and communities are able to achieve some relaxation in this challenging moment, it is solely based on their technological advancement.

But, the question is, “what are the technologies that can make a difference in this crisis?”. Well, that is what we are going to find out in this article. Not all technologies can give many outcomes in this situation. So, you have to find the right ones.

Here are the technologies that can make the world a better place for humans in today’s COVID-19 pandemic.

Top disruptive technologies to go for

SaaS or Software as Solution:

With a sudden enhancement in the demand for digital platforms, many industries like education, banking, finance, healthcare, etc. are seeking the same. It is known to be the only mode of safe transactions and operations in today’s chaotic world.

Different industries can get benefited from this technology in their own way. Like, the education sector can go for online classrooms, exam conduction, etc. The banking sector can go for core banking, internet banking, etc. through their own personalized apps. Likewise, others have their fair share of benefits from the app too.

So, if you are thinking of technological enhancement, this is the first option you should give a try.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

This is a futuristic technology that has the power to change the entire world. Every sector can rip the benefits from this technology. In today’s time when people are afraid of visiting a spot or place for different matters like a tour, baking, shopping, etc, this technology can be a solution for all.

For example, the travel industry can save their business in today’s crisis by giving people a real tour experience at the comfort and safety of their homes through this technology.

Digital payments and Virtual cards:

It is known that physical currencies like notes and coins are one of the greatest carriers of COVID-19. It is because they are the most exchangeable item in the world and you never know where it came from. So, businesses are giving more stress towards digital payments and virtual currencies.

You can implement those in your business for the safest way of transaction. The procedure that these payment methods follow is itself highly safe and secure. So, there is no need to worry about losing your customers as well as employees due to this virus with this technology’s implementation.

Artificial Intelligence:

With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases every day, maintaining proper workflow with a handful of manpower is becoming difficult. And, it is applicable to even those organizations who have permission to operate from their own office premises. So, industries are looking for a way where more work can be done with less manpower.

Artificial intelligence has the power to do it. AI-enabled chatbots, robots, machines for operations, etc can do the task timely for your organization. And you can follow a safe route of operation.

In Openweb Solutions, experts are there who have been working on these technologies for years. Who knows, maybe this is their secret behind standing still even in today’s storm. They are also providing these technological supports to other industries at a minimal cost. Just to get an idea or free consultation, you can contact them at sales@openwebsolutions.in.

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