“NSE to withdraw NOW trading platform”, What must be your Next Step?

By Partha Ghosh

“NSE to withdraw NOW trading platform”, What must be your Next Step?

“The National Stock Exchange (NSE) announced that it would discontinue the NOW (NEAT on Web) trading platform from mid-September.”

This is one of the shocking news stock brokers came to know about on 8th June 2020 (Monday). NOW is one of the oldest platforms running for almost 12 years. So, most of the stockbrokers are dependent on this platform because of trust, compatibility, and nostalgia.

But, the question is, ‘is this the end?’.

Obviously not!

But, one thing that people can learn from this is that changes are the reality in every era, century, and decade. So, if you do not accept changes in your working module, then you are going to be left behind. So, now when the shocking news is already announced with such limited time duration, what must be your next step?

Well, your action must be such that it does not hamper your current trading module and productivity. Thinking what that step might be?

Let me help you.

You should go for a customized trading platform from a professional web and mobile app development company. The purpose of choosing a company that provides both is so that you can have the platform on different devices. And the best thing is if you develop your platform for various devices from the same company, you will definitely get the best affordable rates.

There are lots of other advantages of having a personal customized trading platform. To know, go through the points given below.

Benefits of having a customized trading platform

Less emotional factors

The emotions of the traders play a great role in trading methods of theirs. Automated trading systems do not play by the same rule as everything is controlled by smart machines. This will keep the distractions in check and help traders stick to their plan. As the entire system works on automatic rules, the trade will happen automatically once the rules are fulfilled as defined by you.


Automated trading systems have backtesting features. With the use of this facility, traders can take a precise set of rules and check their trades with historical data before actually risking the money in the live market. Careful backtesting allows the users to evaluate and fine-tune an idea before its actual implementation.

Great enhancement to order entry speed

The automated trading platforms are designed to take action immediately even with the slightest change in the market rate. They are able to generate orders as soon as the rules are met as set by the users/traders. As we all know, even a few seconds can make a huge difference in the stock world. So, using this platform will automatically improve your chance of gaining good profits.

These are some of the benefits you can have by developing your own customized trading platforms. Many more features are possible to add as per your requirement. What you have to do is find a professional company.

Openweb Solutions is one such company you can contact for an automated trading platform. They are one of the best stock market app developers in the industry. You can contact their developers for more information too as they are providing a free consultation.

Don’t waste your time anymore or your competitors will be the ones earning profits before you. A small step can become your greatest move for the future.

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