How a Grocery App can help a chain of small businesses to survive this COVID-19 crisis?

By Partha Ghosh

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How a Grocery App can help a chain of small businesses to survive this COVID-19 crisis?

The reality of the current market is not hidden to anyone anymore. Everyone knows how COVID-19 is disrupting the business and economic model. Even if some businesses are getting a chance to keep their production running, the safety measures of this pandemic are not letting it happen. One such business we are talking about here is small Grocery stores.

The safety measures of people are not letting them visit their regular grocery stores to get their daily household items. As a result, many have shifted their purchasing model online. But, there is a glitch in online grocery purchasing that you can use to keep your local business running.

The online stores have a longer delivery period as their products take a longer route of procedures and shipping. But, the grocery items are such things that are required by people almost daily and they can’t wait days for it. So, if you take your local grocery store online and deliver products at your customer’s home, your business will not only keep productive but gain new customers too.

Thinking how this can happen as this is a costly and time-consuming procedure. Well, I will answer that very soon but first thing first. Let me give you a glimpse of how a chain of businesses can survive with a grocery app.

Know how impossible can be made possible with an app

When you are developing a Grocery app for your store, the first thing is that you are giving your business an opportunity to taste modernization. With technology, you can manage many difficult tasks easily like inventory management, taking orders, managing financial matters, etc. The app can give you all.

The employees in your store can now get back to the work and earn money as your business will get into the regular flow. They now do not have to give products to customers directly. Instead, they are going to arrange the products, pack them for delivery, and perform other tasks. So, you are going to save them.

For the delivery purpose, you can contact your local transporters who used to drive small public transport vehicles like rickshaw, e-rickshaw, Toto, van, etc. They can deliver the products from your store and you can give them money for that saving their business also.

The money can be paid directly to you through online payment methods available in the app or you can take cash on delivery too which will be collected by the delivery person. Your customers will get their daily grocery items at the safety of their home and you can keep your business running too.

I hope, you have understood how a single app can save many people’s lives and businesses. But, now let’s come to the point what you have been waiting for.

Where to find such apps?


Openweb Solutions has developed a product, i.e. a base app known as ‘My Grocery’ that can be used to transform into any grocery store’s personal app within a few hours. You just need to submit your store’s name and they will provide you with the app within a few hours. The app is available at a highly reasonable rate. They are also helping in the setup of this app on the play store.

One of the successful implementations of this skeleton app is D2D, present on play store. Check it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.d2dopenweb. For more information, contact their experts at sales@openwebsolutions.in.

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