Top Platforms to Build Chatbots

By Aditi Das

Top Platforms to Build Chatbots

Chatbots have become the new frenzy of modern generation. Brands are using this technology to implement it in the chat system. Facebook has already opted for this arena. They have their own chatbot messenger. If you want to join the revolution as well, you can explore the various platforms that are available for chatbot building.



This is a great platform for those who want to create chatbot on Facebook. The chatbots are create with Facebook commerce. Chattypeople will help you create Facebook messages quickly. This is a simple platform and that is the reason, medium and small scale businesses use this platform without any trouble. The best thing about the platform is – you will not need to know coding to create Facebook messages. Using this you can easily make customer service bot for answering questions.


This is a great tool for those looking to create a conversational messenger. This platform is for both skilled and unskilled developers. They both can use the platform to create their messenger bots.


Those who are opting to build a platform that could connect business app with messenger app, Smooch is the right one for them. This platform connects both apps by sending out the messages of business apps to the messenger apps. Smooch can smoothen up the workflow.


This is a Facebook app which makes it easy for the developers to integrate chatbot into chat system. This offers two different services, one is paid service and another one is free. Depending on your need you can choose the service.

Beep Boop

If you are searching for paid platform, you can give Beep Boop a try. This platform is te perfect one for making Facebook messenger apps. First you will need to set up the code by using Github. Once the code has been set, you will have to input it into Beep Boop.


This is a great platform to make Facebook messenger bot. Using this platform you can create both Facebook and Telegram bots. You would not need any coding knowledge to use it properly.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook gives you the luxury to build Facebook messenger bot using their landing page. With little coding knowledge you can create your own chatbot and use it for whatever purpose you want. You might find this platform a bit complicated to use. However, Facebook messenger offers various resources to the coders using which you can devise your own chatbot.

There are other platforms which help people create chatbots. You need to do your own research to know about these platforms.  If you need further assistance or suggestion, you are most welcome to contact our business analyst for a FREE session. Please mail to sales@openwebsolutions.in to request a session with our analyst. OR add openweb.solutions in skype to to do the same!

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