How Retail Industry can Combat the current scenario of COVID-19?

By Partha Ghosh

How Retail Industry can Combat the current scenario of COVID-19?

The small to large retail stores have suffered a lot by the uninformed hit of COVID-19. They have seen a sudden and exponential decrease in their daily customer visits. When everyone including the government is encouraging people to stay at home, it is obvious to face low business by the retail industry as their mode of operations requires physical interactions.

If you are one such business owner worried about losing your business in the hands of this ongoing pandemic, here is good news for you. There is a swift way to recover almost 100% of your business back to the track and maybe even more.

And that way leads to the utilization of modern technology. Yes, you have got it right. I am talking about taking your business online. But, there is a slight difference in what you are thinking and what I am saying here. Your worry about costing huge time and money of taking the business online is solved here.

If you want to know how, stay with us to the end. But first, let us know how you can combat the COVID-19 with technology.

Technology and the retail industry

Online business to reach a larger audience:

By taking your business online, you can even reach those areas of your locality which you never had got an opportunity to touch before. Everyone with your app can order products from your shop without them worrying about leaving their house. And you can also provide them the safest way of purchasing essential goods. So, your business will automatically gain more customers and profit than your competitors.

Delivering the products through trusted people and generating more jobs:

For the delivery purpose, what you can do is to contact the local e-rickshaw, autorickshaw, and hand-pull rickshaw drivers or anyone else with a vehicle for delivery. This will generate a job for them and help you to deliver the product to your customers safely. You can also track the location of the drivers with the app. This will help you to eradicate any kind of misconduct in your entire business operations. If you do not trust these drivers in money related matters, there is a solution for that also in the app.

Virtual or online payment gateways:

There are online payment gateways included in the app. So, your customers will have the opportunity to pay safely for their products. This will also help to solve the physical contact problems which is one of the prime sources of contamination. Your employees will also remain safe as they do not have to touch any physical currency.

Now, let us come to the point for which you are waiting for. The development time and money of the app.

Well, there is a company Openweb Solutions, who has already developed a skeleton app known as ‘My Grocery’. They can transform this app into anyone’s personal grocery app within a few hours. One of the successful implementations of this app is ‘D2D’. Check it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.d2dopenweb.

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