Minimizing the Lockdown Effect by changing Norms of Employee Engagement

By Partha Ghosh

Minimizing the Lockdown Effect by changing Norms of Employee Engagement

It has been almost 3 months since the lockdown has been implemented in our country. The decision was taken for a greater good to stop the spreading of COVID-19 and maintaining proper social distancing. But, this surprising news has some drawbacks associated with it, especially for the business class.

Staying in a prolonged social distancing and lockdown period has made people live an isolated life with a completely remote working attitude. Due to the complete shifting of businesses to virtual platforms, interactions between employees has been hampered.

Many employees are facing hard times due to limited resources, family problems, and the recent natural calamity ‘cyclone- Amphan’. Another concern that has become a burden to many employees is the current financial instability.

In such a panicking situation, it is the duty of every organization to help its employees find a way to come out of such uncertainty. Though every organization has its own way of dealing with employee engagement, here are some proven effective ways you can follow.

Activities for employee engagement to make them happy and satisfied

Encouraging video interactions

No one will deny that office is our 2nd home and every member in it is our extended family. A little chat with our teammates during the hectic office hours always gives us some relaxation. But, staying at home and working remotely is snatching this moment from us. So, a little video interaction with other members will be a good way to make your employees happy and provide them some relief.

Weekly/biweekly update with the managers

A great manager is one who understands the capacity of a person and encourages him/her in such a way that his/her productivity becomes double without affecting their emotional stability. So, the managers of your organization can timely interact with employees to know if they are happy with their workload or not. What changes do they want in their workload? Understand their situation and then make the decision.

Recreation has its own space

One thing that organizations have to understand is that though the employees are not present in the office, still they are giving 8 to 10 hours of their daily life to ensure that the workflow is not hampered. So, it is important to give them some virtual recreational time through some fun activities like group discussion, contests, quiz, etc.

Training sessions are still important

The training of team members is still important to polish their skills and help them remain in shape. It is also important so that employees do not feel that their learning curve has decreased with the passing of time. It is also a better way to keep your employees engaged.

In Openweb Solutions, we follow these aspects which helped us to still remain productive and in shape after such a long period of lockdown and social distancing. If anyone needs any technical help or suggestion, feel free to take our free consultation service. Contact us at sales@openwebsolutions.in.

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