What to look for while building a Customized Trading Platform like NOW?

By Partha Ghosh

What to look for while building a Customized Trading Platform like NOW?

As discussed in our previous blog, we now know that the NOW (NEAT on Web) trading platform is going to be discontinued from mid-September by NSE. Also, we have discussed how you can tackle this situation with a highly customized trading platform of your own to restrain your current profit and productivity.

But, without knowing what to have in your customized trading platform, it will be difficult to rip the maximum benefit out of the new platform. As you may miss some important features while mistakenly adding some non-essential ones. This type of occurrence is most common while you leave everything on the development company’s shoulder. You may hire the best, but they can’t read your mind.

So, here in this blog, we will discuss the top 5 features of the stock market app or trading platform which are highly in trend nowadays. Missing them in your app will only make you miss current opportunities. Besides these, you can add any feature according to your requirement too.

To know about the trending features of the customized trading platform, go through the points given below.

Top 3 trending stock market platform features you can’t ignore

Advanced Charting Tools

The use of charts and graphs is not a new concept in the stock world. But, with the touch of modern technology, this old concept has found a new life. These simple methods have helped traders, investors, and brokers to deal properly with minimum loss since ages. So, if you are going for an online trading platform, don’t forget to have this in your app. It will help you with the proper study of the market and analyse it better. Some of the things that you can perform with this feature are as follow:

• Easy screenshot of the user’s account information.

• real-time market analyses

• flexible customization options

• time-based and trade-based (tick chart) options

• ability to export charts and graphs to other applications

• customizable alerts

• automated trades incorporated into charting tools

• ability to submit orders directly from charts

For more details, contact the experts of this technology here: Free consultation!

Swift transactions with automated trading

Every second in the stock market counts. Even the slightest fluctuation can cause huge losses. So, speed is what has a high value in the world of trading. And, one of the best benefits of using an advanced feature like this in your trading platform is speed. You can define certain rules according to your requirements. When the value of a certain commodity, bond, or item meets the value set by you, the trade will automatically happen without even your interference. So, you can give your precious time on other important factors like studying and analysis of the market.

Mobile and Cloud-Based Functionality

Sitting in front of a desktop with a cup of coffee and going through the same old screen of the stock is history now. Today, trading methods have changed a lot. Now, traders believe in ‘on the go’ trading style. So, it is important that the trading platform should not only be fast but should be accessible from various devices like a Smartphone. So, your trading platform should be optimized for the handheld devices too. All the top traders make their platform compatible with handheld devices. And, this technology best operates while being facilitated with cloud-based technology. This will minimize the requirement of carrying data always with you which is quite risky too.

So, now that you know what you must have in your new customized trading platform, you are ready to go. There may be many development companies in the market. But, not all of them have experience in every technology we have discussed above especially the advanced ones.

Thinking about whom to contact?

No need to worry when I am here!

Openweb Solutions is one such company that has experience in various fields of technologies like web and mobile app, cloud computing, blockchain/cryptocurrency, etc. They have professional developers to help you with everything you want in your customized trading platform. To know more, feel free to give them a call at +91 9830934525 (India) and +1 813-489-6759 (USA). You can also mail them at sales@openwebsolutions.in.

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