Ways Technology Is Changing the Path of Our Life

By Partha Ghosh

Ways Technology Is Changing the Path of Our Life

Since ages, technology has the one and only goal, i.e. to make human life easier and safer. Everything that came in touch with technology has changed its way of operation for betterment. And without a doubt, it is still bringing alterations whose effect can be noticed 20 years from now.

But, in today’s time of worldwide crisis, technology is proving its objectives the most without a second thought. Thanks to the technology many industries are still being able to operate and continue their productivity even after the huge hit of pandemic COVID-19.

With the technology, the human species have stepped on the moon what they only thought as a God of the mythical world in ancient times. Likewise, they are unfolding the mysteries of the sun, solar system, and the whole universe one by one. Not only these but also each and every matter present around us is being unfolded with the use of technology. And without a doubt, technology and science will help us to overcome this crisis too.

Though we should remember that technology has negative effects also like any other thing. Now it depends on us how we use it. If we use it with positive intentions then it has the ability to take our civilization to its highest peak. But, if we use it in a negative way then it can destroy us. So, it is up to us what we choose to do with it.

Here I am going to discuss how technology is changing our lives in positive ways through some examples and facts.

The Ways Technology Changing Our Lives

1. Advantages of Data Science

With the advancement of data science, there is a huge change in our life. In fact, we are using it in our everyday life. We all desire to reach our destinations right on time. So, avoiding traffic has become the first priority for riders. Data science can help us with that. We can use online maps to know the status of the road. It will also help us to get on the shortest and fastest routes. It is just a mere example of a huge offering that data science can give us.

2. Could Computing

Many of you have lost touch with your friends for a long time and don’t have any means to contact them. Could computing is the answer to this type of situations. It will give you the opportunity of recapitulating your friendship. You don’t need to be physically near to your friend, you can contact them by the means of could computing. In simple words, you can access any data from anywhere in the world through the data stored in clouds by using this computing technology. This technology is a great help in today’s situation where everyone has to work from home due to lockdown.

3. Shopping from Home

A few decades ago no one thinks about shopping from home. If you tell them about the idea then they will laugh out loud. But now it is very common. And the maximum of you likes to shop online than wandering from one shop to another. The virtual stores can provide you with everything that you might need, even groceries.

4. Reporting Emergencies

In the past, if there was an accident, it would take hours to find the exact spot. But now with GPS technology, you can track it immediately. The technology will indicate if there was anything wrong with the car and after confirming that it will also inform the authorities where to look for the car. It is one of the offerings of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies.

5. Personalizing the Digital Experience

Internet surfing is very common nowadays. People are spending on the internet more time than before. During the surfing, how many of you have noticed that you always get advertisements, notifications, suggestions according to your choice or a previous search. It is the combined result of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. These technologies will work together to give you a personalized browsing experience.

6. Education Sector

Like any other sector education sector is also changing. The days of boring classroom lecture is long gone, now the teacher or professor will use AR and VR technology to get the students more involved in their lessons. These technologies make learning more fun. Nowadays, kids are more engaged in their lessons rather than being a non-active audience thanks to this technology.

7. Healthcare Department

It can be said that if any sector has grabbed the most benefit of the technology then it is healthcare. Now with the IoT, AR and VR, and other technologies, doctors are able to give better performance than ever before. The technology has lessened their work by taking off all the paperwork from them giving them more time to concentrate on the real work. They get to the core of the diseases to their patients with these technologies for making them completely healthy instead of just solving the issue for the current time being.

8. Cyber Security

Everything we do is related to the Cyber World. Someone take control of our country by hacking our system. It can bring war upon us. Your Cybersecurity branch work on this. It’s the main job to protect all our data in the virtual world from professional hackers. It is a serious crime that is highly punishable by the legal authorities. So, there is no need to worry for you as long as you are on the positive side.

Now at the end of the discussion, you have some idea how technology has invaded our life in each and every aspect. It is inevitable that we are very much dependent on technology. But, to make it a boon or curse it solely up to the users.

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