What enabled IT Industry to work efficiently from home during this lockdown situation?

By Partha Ghosh

What enabled IT Industry to work efficiently from home during this lockdown situation?

The pandemic COVID-19 not only brought a chaotic situation to human health but also to the country’s economy too. Due to the lockdown of various large to small size industries, our country’s economy is facing the worst phase in the decade.

But, few industries like Information Technology (IT) are able to keep up their productivity even in this crisis time. Their way of working and dealing with clients has enabled them to perform such difficult tasks easily.

But, the question is, how are they managing such huge operations remotely yet efficiently. Well, here are the ways that will help you understand IT industries efficient remote working procedure.

Strategic ways through which IT industry is performing WFH


Technology has always been a savior during life-threatening situations. And this time also, technology is doing its magic for the IT industry. From cloud computing to git version control, these technologies are making it possible to work efficiently from remote areas, i.e. from the safety of home.


There are various online and free apps that help to remain in touch with other teammates and clients. Through the app, employees can chat, call, or even make video conferencing. An IT company may have his own customized app for this function also. But, mostly they prefer apps like Skype, Zoom, etc.


Most of the IT employees have worked from home at some point in their life. So, they are already familiar with the remote working process and do not need much preparation. This is not the case when it comes to most of the other industries. Many have started the work from home procedure for the first time only after such Pandemic like COVID-19 hit. So, the IT industry is efficient in delivering quality while working remotely.

In Openweb Solutions, all the above statements are relatable as they are working by following the above technologies and procedures. In the end, it is a humble request to all to stay at home and remain safe.

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