Know the real tricks to keep users hooked to your Mobile App

By John Dave

Know the real tricks to keep users hooked to your Mobile App

Not long back the app development companies used to concentrate only on increasing the rate of their app downloads. Their success and achievements depended on the number of times the app gets downloaded. With the technology evolution, things changed. Now the application market is simply flooded with creative apps. Every day a new application get introduced. In the recent scenario, the users are having ample of options to choose from.

It has been observed that, a user downloads several apps, explores and keeps only the one which they find to be better. Survey reveals that, almost 70% to 85% of the users uninstall an application within 3 months after downloading it. It is not a hidden fact that a web development company needs to incur almost 6 times higher cost to bring a new user than holding back an existing one. Again, user retention plays a major role in the increasing the growth rate of a web development company. The companies focusing more on old user retention grows faster than the companies which don’t.

When it comes to user retention we have some tips to offer you :

  1. Make the on-boarding experience smooth – Lengthy sing-up procedure can be really irritating. After downloading an application, a customer will be more eager to explore it, if you give them an uncomfortable on-boarding experience; you are more likely to lose the user. Keep the sign-up process simple and easy. You can ask your users to sign-up through some of the other social networking site, the procedure becomes short or ask for only necessary information.
  2. Keep the users updated – Your app might have that killer impact, but you really can’t expect any user to keep coming back to your app without any real efforts from your side. While creating an app, you must remember that there are millions of applications in the market. It is a real challenge to remain in the mind of a user. You can go for push notifications to inform your users about the latest app updates. But do avoid sending too many notifications as that can annoy the users.
  3. Socialize with your users – There is no denying that Social Media is the best platform to keep in touch with the users. Create your community and let the users talk about your app. Always try to answer back to each and every comment that you get on daily basis. It will create a brand loyalty. Don’t refrain from negative comments; try to know why the user is unhappy. Interact with unhappy users and improve your app.
  4. Update your app regularly – After sometimes an application becomes quite boring to the users, this is the real time when you can expect the certain person to hop over to some other app. This can be handled. You need to keep on updating your app on a regular basis. Introducing news features, appealing graphics or engaging contents will keep your users curious about your next move. Revamp your application to keep the customer hooked to your app.
  5. Don’t Forget About Push Notifications – Apps that remain quiet for a long period of time can be forgotten or sometimes deleted from the user’s device. To stay in the mind of your app users, you should roll out regular push notifications that draw them back to your app. For example app such as Musx has a habit of sending a weekly notification to motivate users to come and look at the top 10 songs of the weekend. They also send selective timely notifications related to the ongoing or upcoming concerts and other music-related events.

The competition in the app market is increasing day by day, the app developer or the app development companies need to create innovative ideas to retain the users. It is a challenging task, but if you think from the users point of view, things become easy. You can follow the above mentioned tips making your app an instant hit.

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