Logistics App Development: 8 Features You Must Have

By Sangita Chatterjee

logistics app development

Logistics App Development: 8 Features You Must Have

Your logistics business needs 24/7 management services. You need to track it from the warehouse to post-delivery. This is a huge task to be done manually. Now the question is who will do the job? The best solution for you is the logistics management app for your logistics company. Logistics app development is a must for your business. Now if you are thinking about logistics app development for your own business, then before that you must know the advantageous features of the logistics app.

Here in this blog, I will be discussing all the advantageous features you should know about before developing a logistics app for yourself.

The Features You Must Have in Your Logistics App Development

1. Trip Log

The admin will record all the details of the trip here. From the starting to the ending time and all the routes, it takes to reach the destination. If you want to know anything about the trip you will get it here.

2. Fuel and Vehicle Consumption

You can put the details about fuel consumption due to the service providing. In this option, you will also maintain the details of the vehicles. If any of them needed any servicing or anything else like pollution check. Through this feature, you can do vehicle management with more accuracy.

3. Multilingual Support

With this feature, you will be able to communicate with the local drivers of the different regions with different languages. It will help you to grow your business and your business’s scalability all over the world.

4. In-app Chats with Logistics App Development

Communication between all the parties involved in the services is very important to do the job properly. You need the facility of the SMS, email services. But if you have the in-app chatbot feature then you can interact with all the concern parties easier and faster.

5. Driver Safety

During every journey, this feature will generate a scorecard about the behaviors of the driver, such as their speed, frequency of using phones, breaks, etc. This feature will give you the opportunity to track your driver to make sure of their safety. Also, the users can choose the driver through this feature.

6. GPS with Logistics App Development

The GPS will help you to have the minute knowledge of the routes of the shipments. You can calculate the cost and time of your diver’s journey. You will have the facility to determine the shortest and safest route for your driver.

7. Cloud Storage

The supply chain logistics business will have many data to store. Using a cloud storage system is always a better option. Though it will increase the total cost of your business, you can earn it back with your revenue. With this feature you can access the data from anywhere, anytime you need to, the same goes for the others who have access in the first place.

8. Multiple Payment Gateways

With different payment methods, your app can integrate multiple currencies as payments. To succeed your app needs multiple reliable and transparent payment methods.

After knowing about all these features you might be getting interested and wondering about the possibilities of having your own app. But the main hindrance could be the selection of a reliable logistics app development company. Let me suggest that also.

The Most Reliable Logistics App Development Company

Openweb Solutions is one of the most reliable logistics app development companies. You can rely on them with your money and time. You just need to contact them and discuss with them all your requirements regarding your logistics app. They have their developing experts to do the rest. Not only in the logistics but also in other sections, such as accounting app, agriculture app, manufacturing app, healthcare app and more. So, what are you waiting for? Contact them and start your journey together.

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