5 Coding Languages – which are in demand in 2017

By John Dave

5 Coding Languages – which are in demand in 2017

Today, in the world of computers there are several coding or programming languages that are being used by the developers. So, evidently, it is pretty difficult for individuals willing to dabble in the tech world, be it experienced developers or aspiring ones, to know what can take them further or give their career a kick start respectively. The job market in the Tech Industry is obviously undergoing rapid changes. To relieve you from this stringent situation the famous coding school, Coding Dojo, this year itself has revised their curriculum based on their findings. They have released the list of the top 5 coding languages that are in demand at the moment.

According to their analysis both coding skills as well as demand for the same is very region specific & local. Ones that may work in say, Washington D.C, may not suffice for you to be hired by companies in Los Angeles. Therefore, Coding Dojo has arrived at top 5 lists on a location basis. But, in an overall count, the following are in most demand irrespective of region bound:


This one ranks highest among the top 5, being the ‘general purpose, open source coding language’. Python as a programming language is being used by the big shots of the Tech Industry for their websites like Reddit, NASA, Instagram, Yahoo & Google. So, you can surely imagine the demand for knowing the Python coding language. It is one of the high-levels among all the programming languages. However, because it is simply readable, Python is widely used for general-purpose coding. Are you a novice in learning coding languages? Then, there is nothing to worry as this one is the easiest and most important to learn in order to become a professional developer. It is also used in several educational fields like physics and math and thus, there have been many establishments of libraries for Python.


The JavaScript coding language is one among the most commonly used programming languages on a worldwide basis and by 90% of the major companies in the Technology Industry. It is used by almost all website pages since it is a web development language that is front end meaning that JavaScript is used for the purpose of depicting the website’s behavior and look on screen. The web application is created on the basis of JavaScript by means of the technology collection named as the MEAN Stack involving MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. JavaScript is a dynamic and powerful coding language that is put to use while creating cool gaming websites too. Why wouldn’t it be vastly used? After all, it syncs with all browsers.


The origin lies as Personal Home Page but now PHP is an abbreviation for Hypertext Pre-processor. The PHP is a programming language that is server side. Only the web pages that are written in HTML, can the PHP programming language be applied. It is widely used in above 80% of the present websites. The list includes renowned social networking sites like Tumbler, Facebook, WordPress etc. The easily learnable and applicable techniques of PHP make this coding language much famed among new developer communities. That doesn’t mean there is nothing in it for senior programmers. For them, there are advanced features. The demand for this popular programming language is at its peak and the skill is in high demand particularly when SQL.17 and JavaScript stand in pair with it.


What comes to your mind when you think of the most basic general-purpose coding language in computers? It should be Java undoubtedly. It is strictly object-oriented. This language has only a minimum of dependencies when talking about implementation. The portability of Java is what has brought it to its fame. It means that it is being widely used by millions of worldwide developers on varied platforms, devices, and operating systems. Apart from that, even video games, Android as well as desktop apps use this coding language. The majority of the world’s developers are comfortable in using Java. The compatibility of this programming language is long-term. Almost every year a new version of this programming language is being launched with improved features.

C# :

Developed by the big shot, Microsoft, the C# or C Sharp as you call it is in heavy use in Stack Overflow, Starbucks as well as the home enterprise software. This is that programming language that is growing in popularity due to its multi-paradigm attribute. This too is an object-oriented language but is type-safe, modern, and simple and is used for general-purpose programming. It is put to use in applications like NET. The software components that can be deployed in distributed environments are developed using C#.

Thus, if you are looking forward to beginning your career in this field or planning to go up the ladder, these 5 coding languages are a must know

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