How to use “when” expression in Kotlin programming language?

By Arindam Kundu

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How to use “when” expression in Kotlin programming language?

”when” is nothing but ‘Switch’ statement in C and Java language.There is also default case but this is expressed with else in When block.There is no break statement.We can attach multiple cases as well as a range(like 1…20) in one case.Also we can attach multiple condition in one case.The appropriate example is written below-

fun main( args: Array<String>){

// when as expression

val x=2

when (x){

0,1,4 -> println(“x is one”)

2 -> {

println(“x is two”)



3 -> println(“x is three”)

in 5…20 -> println(“x is between 5 to 20”)


println(“x is unknown”)

println(“I don’t know the value of x”)





x is two


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