How Customized ERP Solutions are increasing an organization’s efficiency

By Aditi Das

How Customized ERP Solutions are increasing an organization’s efficiency

Starting a new venture is like a dream come true. A business owner will always try to achieve consistent growth and high profit. Once the business starts rising, the work volume, the customer base, the back end process starts increasing. Quite often it becomes very complicated to manage the entire work flow. It has been observed that by the end of the month, the financial reconciliation or the inventory counting becomes just a guesswork. It is difficult to maintain solid figures throughout the month. If it sounds familiar to you, then it’s about time you seek the help of an enterprise resource management system. One of the best solutions to this problem can be Enterprise Resource Planning Software or ERP.


Signs you should not ignore :

  • You are not well informed : If someone wants to know the sales order per day, ask yourself how long it will take you to answer the question. If your team members are still working on spreadsheet, which needs to be updated each day, then it’s high time you take the help of ERP software to streamline the entire process. If you are hard pressed for time, you can always talk to Openweb Solutions, one of the best ERP solution providers in Kolkata. There is an answer to every problem, trust Openweb Solutions to understand your need and customise the solution accordingly.
  • Lack of coordination : Proper coordination between different departments ensures a smooth flow of everyday work. What if it is lacking? Coordination can make or break a venture. Sometimes different departments has the access to different data, delay in processing those data can result in huge loss. ERP helps in keeping the entire data in one place, so that when needed authorised people can access the same. It is always better to take the help of expert, talk to one of the ERP software development companies located in Kolkata, they will help you in setting up the software.
  • Delay in customer interaction : Ever found yourself in a situation where you are keeping the customer on hold for more than 5 minutes to provide a certain information? Not being able to provide the right piece of information at the right time is embarrassing. It has an adverse effect as well, the customer gets annoyed and might even go to some other service provider. To avoid this sort of situations, it is better to install a Workflow Automation Software. Having all the needed data in once place, helps in engaging with the customers in a better way.
  • Mismanagement of inventory : Huge stock is difficult to manage. Lack of inventory management can have a massive impact on your cash flow, profit and customer relation. You might miss out one or two items while calculating the profit margin or you might miss out to deliver a certain product to a customer. This will not only effect the financial terms but the goodwill of the company as well. If you are facing such situation you can always install Customized ERP Software, this will help you to manage huge volume of stock much more efficiently.


These are minor situation, which can create a negative impact on your business. We at Openweb Solutions understand that, your venture is not only your dream, but there are many people who are just silently supporting you. One wrong step can be destructive. That is why we have ERP solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises. Our back end team takes the effort to listen to you, trust them to build the best ERP and CRM business solutions for you. We have been entrusted by many clients, to deliver their Business Process Management Solutions. We don’t claim to be the best, but we claim to understand the need of a client, that’s why we have hundreds of happy testimonials to share. Connect with us, we will be more than happy to solve your problem.

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