Fun at work is possible with Openweb Solutions

By John Dave

Fun at work is possible with Openweb Solutions

We are obsessed with our work; we are also obsessed with fun. Think it is not possible? Well, at Openweb Solutions work is fun. You will love each moment that you spend with us. Of course, you will get ample of opportunities to grow here but, Openweb Solutions is more than just a platform to improve professionally.

So what do we have for you?

  • Performance acknowledgement – Yes, our team leaders will poke you to meet the deadline; don’t get frustrated – because they are the ones who will actually guide you to accomplish your goal; and when time comes they will appreciate you in front of the management. So, we criticise, but only to improve you.
  • Result oriented – We believe in getting better, every day. We work on ourselves to improve, to meet up new challenges, to make the company grow. We track each performance and reward it when the time is right.
  • Fun activities – We might not offer you big cabins, but we can offer you a great fun filled “Open” environment. Lunch sessions are the most cherished moment for us. Sharing lunch has become a habit for us. We don’t restrict to lunch only, we bring evening snacks as well, it goes without saying that we share it as well.
  • Proper training – We cannot just ignore the need of proper training. At Openweb Solutions, you will get to learn things professionally. We organise continuous training sessions, to elevate our work capacity. If you are lacking somewhere, we will make you perfect. Your gain is our gain.
  • Flexibility – Employees can have some problems back at home, no one understands, we at Openweb Solutions do. That is why we offer flexibility. Yes, you can work from home even. We trust you.
  • Ethics – We might blend work and fun together but we believe in maintaining discipline as well. Punctuality is important for us. we strictly follow it as well.

We just can’t look at stressed out faces. Even in the cut-throat competitive corporate environment, we mix work and fun together. For us competition is good only when we do it together against the outsiders. Teamwork is so important to us. We encourage talent to grow in our team. Our HR team has more in store for you. Be a part of us to know us better.

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