5 Exclusive Changes IoT brought in the Healthcare

By Samhoti Lahiri

IoT in healthcare

5 Exclusive Changes IoT brought in the Healthcare

The improvement of the healthcare sector has always remained one of the prime aspects of mankind since ages. And, thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things) technology, a rapid enhancement in healthcare has become possible.

Previously, doctors need to go through a lot while treating a patient due to long and stressful medical procedures. But now, IoT technology has given birth to such advance auto detecting gadgets that makes the task much more accurate and convenient.

With the help of IoT, doctors can now monitor their patients more closely than ever before. It helps them to easily diagnose and analyze the symptoms of their patients. With IoT, there will be fewer chances of wrong prediction and errors in medical functionalities.

To know how all these magical healthcare implementations are possible, just go through the points given below.

IoT technology in the Healthcare Industry

1. Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

The IoT connected smart medical devices can be connected to the doctors’ smartphones or other devices. It will directly report data after collecting from the medical devices attached to the patients. This way reporting will be very prompt. The doctors will know immediately if anything unusual happened to their patients.

2. Usage in the Remote Areas

In the remote areas where medical assistance is very hard to find. Doctors can reach there within time by automatic detecting and the people of the area will get faster medical attention. The IoT device also makes it possible to assist the patients during the time of the journey.

3. Tracking Activity during Treatments

There are IoT trackers that help in tracking the activity of the patients when he/she is going through any heavy treatment. It will help to measure the health condition of the patients. Whether they are eating properly, performing their daily chores, sleeping enough, or if there are any other abnormalities in the patients, then the doctors will know and will take proper actions immediately.

4. Medical Alerting System

Now people can wear bands in hand which can auto-detect the activities going on in the body. It will inform the respective person whenever you need any medical help. It will send a signal to their smartphones or the other connected device and you can get help as soon as possible.

5. Ingestible Sensor

The patients can now swallow the sensor looking like pills. It helps to monitor whether the patient is taking medicines on time and maintaining a healthy diet. This also helps to monitor patients with colon cancer or irritable bowel syndrome.

Here I have only mentioned a few of the ventures possible to explore with the IoT technology. There is more to know which includes the sensor for diabetics, heart monitoring, etc. Moreover, IoT is something that has brought a revolution in the healthcare sector. To know more, stay tuned with us.

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