3 Key Points to consider while Employees are Returning to Workplaces

By Partha Ghosh


3 Key Points to consider while Employees are Returning to Workplaces

The past few months have been a great challenge for the commercial sectors. From small businesses to large industries, almost everyone has faced their fair share of obstacles in the path of stable productivity. Some have even faced a complete closure due to the lockdown caused by the hit of COVID-19 in our country.

But, now as the lockdown is slowly and gradually opening, businesses and industries are trying to get to their old normal routine. But, one thing that every business must understand is that the definition of normals has changed and some ‘new normals’ have become the reality of today’s world.

It is clear to everyone in different industries that the spreading of COVID-19 has not stopped yet and so we cannot get back to our old methods of production really soon. So, the only way to deal properly with the utmost safety is by following the new normals.

Let us know here what are the ‘new normals’ or prime key points businesses have to follow for proper and safe productivity.

Points to remember while working with employees at the workplace

1. Sanitization of the workplace

You never know what mode of transportation your employees are choosing for commuting to and from office. They will come in contact with lots of people during this commuting. So, the best thing you can do is to made sanitization mandatory for employees and offices. Make sure to clear the office from time to time with proper disinfectant. Also, make it mandatory for every staff to wear masks.

2. Maintaining social distancing at the office

We understand that sometimes it becomes difficult for small to medium size industries to maintain the government recommended social distancing because of lack of space. But, it is highly essential for keeping your employees safe. So, one trending action that is in play today is encouraging half workforce to work from home while half to come to the office. This is one of the best ways to maintain social distancing in small spaces. Let those employees come to the office who have a dependency on office assets or other members.

3. Communication inside office premises

Taking a tea break and going out for a smoke is common in every office. But, this can be dangerous in today’s pandemic situation. So, it will be better if employees are encouraged to use the smoke room instead of going out for it. Also, make tea and coffee available inside the office premises. Do not go out of the office unnecessarily. For the time being, make most of the client meeting on digital platforms and also the new recruitments.

Bonus data:

The companies have got a chance to rethink their plan in the past few months. Now, it is the chance to implement them in a proper and appropriate way. Do not force your employees to accept them. Rather made them understand why these changes are important. At first, these changes may seem a little awkward. But, you have to make them understand that it is for the betterment of every single person associated with the organization and also their family members.

In Openweb Solutions, we accept the value that our employees and clients give to our organization. So, we have planned to extend our work from the home module for some time further even after the partial withdrawal of lockdown. For the past few months, every Openwebian has proved that place doesn’t matter for quality work. That is what encouraged us to extend our work from the home module.

For any kind of technology-related or other kinds of help, feel free to take our free consultation. We will be more than happy to help you!

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