NASSCOM Membership: A New Achievement of Pitangent Analytics

By Partha Ghosh

NASSCOM certification PATS

NASSCOM Membership: A New Achievement of Pitangent Analytics

Pitangent Analytics and Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, the parent company of Openweb Solutions is delighted to announce that a new achievement has been added to our accomplishment list. We have recently become an elite member of the principal chamber of commerce of the IT software and service industry in India i.e. NASSCOM. This membership is the prideful showcase of our high standard services, professionalism, integration, and proficiency that our clients get from us.
The membership with the NASSCOM has opened new gateways for us into a deeper dimension of the IT sector which enables us to track new business opportunities, get the latest business trends, etc. This association is the assurance of opportunities to share and learn new IT practices in the local as well as global events organized by the NASSCOM. We are 100% sure that this association is our stairs to reach the global market and compete there.
The NASSCOM membership is only accredited to the organization who has contributed to the countries Software Industry, as well as, on the global turfs. Always remaining ahead in terms of IT-related information and getting an insight into the emerging global IT trend has become a lot easier with NASSCOM association. The prime aim of the Pitangent Analytics is to promote entrepreneurship which we are still doing.
With many award-winning project experience and NASSCOM accreditation, we are going to take our service to the next level. So, stay with Pitangent to know more and be a part of our scaling new heights.

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