Annual Picnic 2020: Reconstructing Childhood with Extended Family

By Partha Ghosh

annual picnic 2020

Annual Picnic 2020: Reconstructing Childhood with Extended Family

“The stream of time washes away something more than just our age”.

I have realized this on the morning of 10th January 2020 while standing at the ground of RA Garden holding a cricket bat in my hand. Let me start it from the beginning to make it more clear for you to understand why such exaggerating expression coming from me for just holding a cricket bat.

A picnic might be a simple get-together for people or a day out. But, for those spending their life 9 to 5 in a cubicle every day is something else. Being a cubical person, it passed a chill through my spine knowing tomorrow is the annual picnic 2020. As it is a family picnic, I am excited to have my dear one with me sharing the same joy. She herself is a 9 to 5 office person, I understand the little smile on her face that morning.

The first thing I noticed after reaching the spot is its spellbinding beauty. You can sense a perfect mixture of nature and humans at that spot. As we passed through the gate of ‘Neverland’, everyone welcomed each other with a warm heart full of excitement.

The best part is to know what is waiting for us ahead; lots of games, events, awards, and a list full of mouthwatering foods.

Exploring childhood again

Filling our tummy with the delicacy of hot Indian Thali is the first mission everyone accomplished. After that everyone ran to the playground like a child. Teams are divided and the game of cricket started. Some people were reliving their childhood with the badminton. Sport combined with outing is definitely the best recreational event one can go for. Everyone played like they have never played before. The best part is to watch that there are no boundaries of any position or rank. Even our beloved director has become our friend.

We played until our body and mind both said enough. Then the light refreshment was served in the form of hot chicken Pakoras and Coffee.

The true purpose of calling Openweb Solutions a family came to light in front of everyone at that moment.

For images, click here: Annual Picnic 2020 ~ (Games & Fun)

Big prize, bigger surprise

The family members added extra fun in the game just like an extra layer of topping of ice-cream. There were games like musical chairs for girls, funny voting games for everyone, etc. Don’t forget the real kids and their drawing competition.

And then comes the award distribution. Everyone is laughing their hearts out and enjoying. I don’t know after how long I myself have smiled and enjoyed that much.

For images, click here: Annual Picnic 2020 ~ (Awards & Enjoyment)

Food, food, and tasty food

After a day full of intense playing, everyone’s tummy is craving for food. Then the plates are served with the hot meals on it. I can’t explain the amazing taste of food that I ate. Everyone enjoyed their meal and had a great time together. The best part was, we were the servers and we were the eaters both.

For images, click here: Annual Picnic 2020 ~ (Food is Love)

Going home with great memories

All of it ended with a group picture of our one giant extended family as a memento for this special day.

But, now we are not returning home empty-handed. I am not talking about any materialistic souvenir bringing back with us. It is that everyone’s mind and body filled with an external source of energy that grew from experienced joy. The enjoyment that we have experienced this year has not lessened a bit in comparison to the previous year’s office picnic 2019. In fact, you can say it has almost doubled.

It is what we are and it is what defines us: one big extended family that others know as Openweb Solutions.

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