10 Greatest Technology Shift That We Have Experienced So Far

By Miltan Chaudhury

10 Greatest Technology Shift That We Have Experienced So Far

The century where we are living is the century of technology. The entire working style and the business dealing have been changed according to the technology. There is no doubt that these decades are seeing a major paradigm shift in the technology that even a common public have experienced.

The demand and the easy utility to the daily activities have the made the technology to explore more opportunities. As a result, of these there has been a paradigm shift in the experience the technology has put forward.

Here is the list of the 10 greatest technology shifts that we are experiencing so far-

  1. Net Banking

The entire thing starts with how transaction is being carried. People used to carry currency wherever they went. But with the introduction of the technology in the banking sector, things got easier. From transaction to merchant dealing has become safe and hassle free. The long working hours of the banking sector have also been reduced. The long waiting hours for the customers have also changed.

  1. Digital Music

Well, on a long journey boredom was something that haunted the travelers. With the introduction of the numerous digital music platforms, that not only keeps the journey interesting but also allows the travelers to customize the journey according to the environment. These music ecosystems have numerous songs from where the users have the free monty to choose the ones they like and listen to them. Also in the advent the introduction of the gadgets has also played a significant role. iPad and the iPods have made the things simpler.

  1. Social Media

Hardly anyone on this globe is untouched from the social networking. The introduction of the social network sites like the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more such platforms has able to bring the people in a local platform and has made the access easy. The professional as well as social life has been exposed. The users can share posts, videos, photos and their opinions regarding any of the happening topic or of places where the user has been to share the experiences.

The social media platform has, therefore, brought a revolution.

  1. Apps

The development of the different apps has made things easy. Like for example, in case of news, the news app has lessened the dependency of the people on the newspapers and hence has been effective in protecting the nature as well. Other apps like the cab booking apps, hotel booking apps and even the apps that are active in the medical field has eased the life of the people.

  1. ecommerce

e-Commerce has significantly changed the trend and pattern of the buying habit of the people. It has made the companies to make the things available to the people at a touch. People are able to place order by comparing thousands of articles at a place without strolling hither and thither to buy a product.

  1. Online Payment Gateway

The different online payment gateways have made the transaction an easier process. It was a time when people had to carry cash for shopping or were forced to queue up in order to make a payment. Even the utility bills, like the Telco bills, electricity bills are now can be paid online. Long queues at the reservation counters have been reduced with the online payment gateways that are becoming safe and reliable.

  1. Touch screens

Ouch!! How anyone can forget the touch screens that have brought a revolution in the mobile, tablet as well as other electronic world. The devices have the simplest interface with an extremely organized layout for the programs and the other apps. It has bettered the user experience.

  1. Gesture Sensors

Even few decades back such concept was limited up to the papers only. However, the devices are in the market, operating by sensing the gesture of the users. It has completely changed the way interactions were being done. It is the advanced form of the functionless touch screens.

  1. Drones

The security of the nation is the first and the foremost task that every state authority ensures. To ensure that the lives of its security personnel are not put to risk, drones are invented. These remote controlled aircrafts have the potential to bomb and destroy the militants’ locations without coming on the radar.

  1. Time is the Limit

There are commuters from some of the countries who spend major part of their daily schedule in travelling to their office, while there are office goers who cover a distance of almost 700 miles in one side and returns back the same day. Thanks to the high speed train that has redefined the distance and the time keeping the security in mind! Japanese have been able to achieve this feat with the Shinkansen.

The development of the technology has been of sweet experience to almost everyone. It has made things get easier and at the reach of the people. It has simplified the life of the people.

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