10 features that will make your real estate software an instant hit

By Aditi Das

10 features that will make your real estate software an instant hit

During the past few decades the one sector that has seen the major boom in the market has been the Real Estate sector. The growing population and the need for employment has seen small to major cities undergoing a massive construction phase. The construction of apartments, shopping arcades, commercial office complexes has been in the limelight. The real estate agents like the promoters, developers and the constructors have found out a solution in the form of the apps that help them to promote their marketing.

These people have effectively used the technology to maximize the sale and simplified the business dealing process. As these real estate agents have simplified their jobs, they have made the work of common people little difficult. Distinguishing the best and the real promoters has been a tiring task for the people. Now the people need to do thorough study of the history and past project records of the promoter at the real ground level.

Here are the lists of the top 10 features that can make real estate software an instant hit-

  1. Introduction of 3D Showcase
    Videos have the significant role in making things interesting. These have stood out as a perfect tool for expanding the marketing strategies. The introduction and the use of the latest 3D cameras have helped the real estate agents to stand odd in the crowd. The tools have the ability to navigate quickly through the entire residence and simplify the sale of the house. These tools have also the ability to create virtual customized floor plans according to the required dimension.
  2. Photo that can Speak
    Well, some of the software is giving the option to click photos and add audio to the photo to enable a real commentary as one navigates through the photo. The audio voice added describes all the features of the premise and the building or the floor.
  3. Creating Interactions
    Exchange of views enhances the creativity and productivity. Hence, many of the software are giving the provision to the real estate agents to interact with each other to increase the productivity and the designing of the building.
  4. Creating Better Platform to Seal the Deal
    Real estate software must have the best platform to seal the deal with the choice the customer has exercised. There were instances when another buyer cracked the deal in the last moment because of the invalid or incomplete paperwork. The apps have streamlined the communication system between the agent and the buyer.
  5. The Story
    Telling the history of the work projects is what influences the people too. Therefore, the software must have the testimonials loaded from different people who have worked with the real estate agents.
  6. Keeping Updated
    The real estate agents might find difficult to keep updated in their busy schedule, therefore, the software must give them the power that would help them to stay tune to all the things happening in their vicinity.
  7. Creating Creative Videos
    3D views and simple videos differ a little. A creative video explore through the property is what many of the real estate software is emphasizing on.
  8. Apps that Show Similar Property
    The buyers and the promoters would be more than happy if they are showed the best of the real estate properties, in and around their areas. The properties that are of their interest and similar to the choices made.
  9. Creating Awareness
    The software would be a great hit among the real estate agents if it has the ability to teach the people about the accessibility of the different modern features that are introduced in the home as a part of the modern smart homes.
  10. A GPS
    Probably the best option for the users! A new user can easily be able to locate the things once he or she moves into the property. A great way to get things going without any fuss!

Technology undoubtedly has played a significant role in bringing the business under a single click. It has eased the process in which the work once proceeded. With the tech devices, the promoters have gone tech savvy. Some of the most popular apps that are being popularly used by the real estate agents are the DocuSign and Dropbox along with the use of the advanced tech devices. The use of the devices has transformed the real estate websites, marketing efforts and the strategies of sales.

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Best wishes for your venture!

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