What is our future of wireless technology (5G+)

By Avijit Mondal

What is our future of wireless technology (5G+)

              Basically, if I start to write about our technologies evolution in this post that will make you bore. So, you can check it from here. But, If I tell about our future wireless technology that’s a cool topic and also very interesting. During the 80s, 1st Generation Technology was invented. It is too slow if we compare it with our today’s technology. But, today we are using the 4th Generation of technology. Today’s network speed is 4-5 Mbps. However, some companies are truly working best for our future tech gen. If you see your mobile notification bar area then you can see 4G or 3G on the network area there. But this is huge, we are going to step into 5G technology and on that, we will get 100-150 times faster data as compare to our current data speed. This is very cool, isn’t it?  If you love technology and if you grow up with technology then you might think that. You can assume it what will our speed limit in and after 2020. This is huge.

5G: Future Technology (2020) :

                                            The rat race going for 5G deployment is led by big multinational companies like Qualcomm, Intel, etc. Worldwide commercially our 5G Technology is expected to launch in or after 2020. Initially, launch and testing has been done by companies like AT&T and Verizon in four U.S cities and currently checking each and every possibility.

5G’s range is less supported by 4G LTE or VoLTE networks due to its frequency giving the network’s waves fewer distance covering capabilities. Hence more base station or what we call it Signal Towers are needed to be installed for good connectivity and in more areas, this may be considered as a disadvantage of 5G Tech. However, people can expect this amazing revolution in the near future.

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