Significance of Network Security in Wireless Networking

By Moumita Basak

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Significance of Network Security in Wireless Networking

Networking security is the most important part of the Wireless Local Area Networking technology. To avoid the attacks and risks, a security protocol for Wireless Local Area Network should satisfy the following properties:

Confidentiality The sender sends the data to the intended receiver and it is ensured that the message is comprehensible only by the intended receiver. It prevents the unauthorized usage and access to the network. For example, confidentiality ensures that an unauthorized user cannot derive any useful information about the person’s passwords and security number. Data encryption ensures the confidentiality mechanism.

Integrity The security mechanism ensures that the message sent by the sender to the receiver or destination is unaltered. The unauthorized users cannot insert, delete, destroy, and modify the data.

Availability Availability is the security protocol which ensures that the network must perform without any interruption. It should provide the guaranteed services and have the ability to tolerate the link failure as well as several attacks by the unauthorized individuals.

Non-repudiation This security mechanism ensures that the sender cannot deny of sending its message and the receiver cannot deny receiving its message. The digital signature is an example of Non-repudiation.

Encryption and Authentication Encryption and authentication provide the ultimate security to the Wireless Local Area Network technology. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) are the popular encryption methods in Wireless Local Area Network. Open Authentication, Shared Authentication and Expandable Authentication Protocol (EAP) are the popular authentication mechanisms.

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