Office Picnic 2019: Collection of Countless Memories in a Single Day

By Partha Ghosh

Office Picnic 2019 at Openweb Solutions

Office Picnic 2019: Collection of Countless Memories in a Single Day


Have you ever find it difficult to sleep at night because something special is going to happen tomorrow?

Well, the same situation occurred to me on the night of 11th January 2019. That night I understood how a small thing can make a great difference in our life. Our office picnic is going to take place the next day after a long wait. Many people I know said what so grand about a picnic that you are explaining it like that. Well, for a person whose school and college life have been over years ago and the only out of the box moments he has left is spending time with family, I can say it is special to me. And I believe almost every grown-up person can relate to this in one or another way.

The day started with a chilly morning and eye-blinding fog everywhere. But, the most chilly emotion that gave me a sense of shivering to pass through my spine was, it’s the picnic day.

Our picnic spot was booked at Shivananda Sevashram. The first look of the spot can freeze anyone to the ground for few seconds. And from that point, our memory collection started.

We greeted everyone with a heart full of enthusiastic handshakes. The best part was to find out that we have lots of events, games, awards, and mouthwatering foods waiting for us.

A journey to the past

After having a tummy full of breakfast, everyone was ready for some action. Holding the badminton racket in hand took me 15 years back. We played and played until our hands and mind said no more. A wave of laughter and fun was in the air. Nobody wants to give the racket until the cricket arrived.

I have to say that there was a view worth coming to the picnic for. Everyone rushed to get the bat first in such a way that it looked like I am watching school kids.

Thanks to the picnic or else we would have never known that our dearest boss is such an amazing batsman. That was the moment when I felt why we call Openweb Solutions a family and not a company.

For images, click here: Annual Picnic 2019 (Games & Fun)

Events and awards for everyone

As family members were also invited in the picnic, there were kids chirping like birds and filling the atmosphere with their innocence. While there were drawing competition and items collection event for the kids, the elders have their own events going on.

For the girls, there was a cup and coin arrangement event, and cold-drink drinking event. And for the boys, there was cup upside down arranging games. Everyone took part in the events with full zest and zeal.

And then came some of the craziest awards distribution. It was really awesome to know that the maximum vote for the most food-loving person is won by our boss. There were lots of other crazy voting events like the laziest person, crazy person, etc. It was all just for fun and enjoyment.

For images, click here: Annual Picnic 2019 (Awards & Events)

Moving the body with the rhythm

As soon as the music hit the air, everyone was ready to show their dance skills. They are all dancing, laughing, and most important of all, enjoying the moment.

After a day full of such intense activities, now everyone’s tummy is craving for the food.

Tasty food is on the way

When the plates were served on the table, everyone forgot their tiredness and rushed toward the table. One after another, the dishes came and we enjoyed all the delicious foods with full delicacy. Our tummy was full but our mind was not.

For images, click here: Annual Picnic 2019 (Food Lovers)

End to a new beginning

After a full day of fun, excitement, and enjoyment finally, it ended with taking a group picture.

It was really awesome to see how flexible an Openwebber can be. A day before the picnic they were all engaged with their heavy workloads and the next day they were all enjoying the moment. The picnic was successful because everyone embraced it even after their daily routine of workload.

The day may have ended but our spirit has filled with new energy. This is the way how we celebrate each moment with our extended family in Openweb.

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