Want Long term Client Relations? Behavior is the Key!

By Partha Ghosh

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Want Long term Client Relations? Behavior is the Key!


In today’s highly competitive market, your hard work and quality services may take you one step ahead. But, reaching the top and achieving success, in the long run, requires something else. And that secret is what we are going to find out in this article together.

“Saturday! What a soothing word for the ears isn’t it?


Yes, it is for corporate gentlemen like us. But, the last Saturday was an extra cream on the pie for me because I gave my family what they deserve the most from me: ‘My Time’. The happiness I observed on the face of my children when I was taking them to Wow Momo is not possible to describe in any word. It’s just the thing that you have to feel.

Frozen feelings of taste and joy rolled down from my tongue watering my mouth with hot steam of Wow! Momo’s fried momos on my plate. After enjoying the delicacy of three momos, a half-cooked momo gave a pause on the delightful moment. Sleeking through the crowded room of the shop, my presence at the counter made the word “Is there any problem, Sir?” come out from the mouth of the attendant. I remember explaining my glitch to the attendant in an exasperated manner. The way the attendant handle my irritability really taught me something that day and gave me a reason to add Wow Momo to my favorite list. Calmly attending my issue, he checked the momo and told me “Sorry sir, I will immediately replace it.”

Nothing else to say!”

Stunning isn’t it? How simply a turmoiled ground can be turned into a flowery garden. Flexibility is something simple yet effective initiative you can take for turning an opposite situation into your favor.

So, you can now understand that a tummy full of delicious momo is not the only thing that I brought home that day.

This amazing strategy is also applicable to the businesses if they are seeking a good relationship with their clients. Pleasing clients has remained one of the prime focuses of businesses for ages. And why should not they do so? After all, clients are one of the prime aspects of any business. So, if your client is happy and satisfied, you are already halfway across your goal.

Reshaping the basics for acquiring the supremacy

Everything has a beginning which is indubitably the basic to acquire final structure. But, approaching the base without any pre-planned decision can abscond your future plans too. Your decisions of today will decide your success for tomorrow. Just like any other relationship in your life, the client’s relationship stands on a very basic yet important string, i.e. behavior. You can read the mind of your customers by going through their behavioral patterns. But, first, you need to learn how to use this amazing weapon for your welfare.

So, let us start from the beginning slowly proceeding to the success stories.

Proper customer engagement without differentiation

Engaging with your customers or clients with a good gesture and behavior is very important. The person on the other side of the line maybe your client or a potential client, in every case your behavior should be neutral. The person may or may not be converted into your client, but they will remember how you behaved with them. And this message will be forwarded to others. Who knows? Maybe, in the end, you get a client from that person one day.

And if you are engaging with an existing client, try to understand their demand. Assurance is a great weapon for making someone feel that yes they have come to the right person. But, you should remember that there should be truth in your assurance.

Properly structuring your working procedures

For quality outcomes, the proper work environment is necessary. You should make sure that each and every work in your office is conducted in a systematic pattern. This will make sure that if any of your clients have some sudden requirements, you will be ready for action. This will enable you to find out mistakes (if happen) at their different stages. So, there is no need to shuffle the whole work to find the root of the issue.

Your service should speak for you

The service or product you are selling should provide value addition constantly. “Human mind can be easily manipulated and always changing”. Don’t you think this is true even in the business? Your client’s expectation can change without any previous warning. So, it is important that you keep your business approach upgraded to fulfill the changing demands of your clients. Make sure to handle their demand with a calm behavior just as the Wow Momo’s attendant handled my issue.

Analyzing the customers

Studying your competitor is a good strategy for success. But, studying the footprints of your customers is the greatest way to succeed and survive. Finding it hard to understand? Let me explain it to you. When you are studying or analyzing your existing clients from day one, you will understand the progressive needs and changing behaviors. This will give you a better understanding of what they will be looking for next and you can keep yourself prepared for that.

And, if you analyze your former clients, it will help you to understand what you are lacking that made them leave. Also, you can find out through this step what you competitors are giving them that make your former client choose them.


Every businessman, industrialist, and entrepreneur around the world tend to start their business with many visions. But, as soon as they acquire some progress, their visions seem to change. The majority of them try to enhance their revenue and capital thinking it will take them to the top. But, checking history can give you some idea that the world is not changed by following other’s footsteps. You should never leave your vision or you will leave your success in the long run. Earn money, but earn respect first. Your image and personality are what going to stay with the clients that make them come back to you again and again not the money they paid. So, grow not only with your client’s money but also in their mind and heart. Believe me, my friend, success will come and never leave you!

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