How Much Should it Cost to Hire an App Developer?

By Partha Ghosh

How Much Should it Cost to Hire an App Developer?

The world is evolving at a constant rate and you can say it is at its digital phase right now. A prime component of this digital world is mobile and web applications. These applications have become a prime aspect of our everyday life and we cannot deny our dependency on them.

In this digital world, technologies like this have influenced our lives in various common things like purchasing a product online, or communicating with a friend or family, etc.

According to a January 2018 report of the renowned online statistics, market research and business intelligence Statista:

“There were 3.7 billion unique mobile users on the planet.”

So, if you are looking for an app developer for your business or any other purpose, you will be happy to know my friend that you are on the right track. Developing a cutting-edge application is the most progressive step you can take for your business nowadays.

But, a major factor that stops people from going for the app development is cost. Most people think that app development takes a lot of money. If you are going to take it as an unnecessary expense then it will seem like that. But, if you see the other phase then you will know the benefits you can rip from it. A small investment of today can give you a large profit tomorrow.

How much it actually cost to develop an app?

There is no doubt that you can easily access thousands of information regarding the development of an app. But, learning the app development just for developing one app for your business is really an unrealistic thing. That is where the outsourced developers are required and also the worry for cost comes too.

So, the best step you can take is to hire an app developer and find out the actual cost to hire. This must seem more realistic to you, isn’t it?

The primary and secondary costs related to the development of apps depends on some prime components. So, considering those components will automatically help us to know the actual cost.

The basic components on which the cost of the development actually depends are the experience of the developer, complications related to the building of the app, and modification of the basic design or if it includes current design features (code that’s already on hand to use).

But, before going for anything else, you have to find someone who can help you with the cost breakdown analysis of the development project. This will help you to find the total cost.

Where to look for someone for app development’s cost breakdown analysis?

The best person who can help you with the cost breakdown analysis of the app development is present in a reputed IT company. Yes, only a skilled and experienced IT personnel can help you to estimate the real cost of hiring an app developer.

Many reputed IT companies provide free of cost price estimation to their clients. Find a few such companies and note down their given price after cost breakdown analysis.

An interesting thing that you will find in most of the reputed IT companies cost-estimation is that they are almost similar. This is because the genuine price rate may vary but not too much from the current market rate.

Mostly the app developers are available on an hourly basis which is also the most preferred way around the world. But, that is not where the hiring process is limited to. You can hire them on a monthly basis too.

The most common and simple way to calculate the cost of an app development is (features x time) x hourly rate = cost.

There are some factors other than this which will help you find the cost of hiring a developer. To know those factors, go through the points given below.

Consider the purpose of your project

Suppose a couple is trying to build their new home with a limited budget. Then their prime goal will be to build the basic things like the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.

The same thing applies to the application development. If you have a limited budget, your prime focus should be to simplify the process and develop an application with the primary features. Implementing the current interface designs with the existing codes on an open source platform through a professional app developer will help you to save a lot.

The basic thing to find out the cost of hiring an app developer is your requirement or purpose of building the app.

Location of the app developer has a great impact on the cost

One of the amazing features of some platforms is that they enable people to hire a developer from outside their city, state, and even country. You can easily hire a talented app developer from a country where the cost of living is less than yours. For example, a talented developer from India will be available at a much reasonable price than a developer from any Western country because of their economic structure and cost of living.

I understand that hiring someone from your own time zone is helpful in terms of coordination and contact. But, hiring someone from outside will also give you the same benefit nowadays. This is because most of the IT companies are available 24 hours for their clients.

Now you know the components that are a crucial part of the cost to hire an app developer. So, you can easily calculate the cost of hiring an app developer.

For any kind of app development work or cost-estimation, here is a reputed web and mobile application development company for you.

One of the finest app development company for you

Openweb Solutions is one of the best app development companies to hire. They have the best app developer who can help you with the cost breakdown analysis. They are famous for developing high-grade web and mobile apps.

From the stock market to logistics, they have developed apps for various domains. Only the latest technologies are used by their developers to build apps.

For any kind of help or query, feel free to contact them at sales@openwebsolutions.in.

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