Is your SEO hurting your online business? 7 common mistakes to avoid from day 1!

By Partha Ghosh

SEO process that openweb follows

Is your SEO hurting your online business? 7 common mistakes to avoid from day 1!

Those days are history now when businesses have to follow daunting marketing strategies to promote their products or services. But, after the introduction of e-commerce and online marketing, the promotional methods have also changed. And, one of the amazing methods of online promotion of a business, product, and service is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

But, SEO itself consists of so many components that it is not possible to define it in just one sentence. What is important is that it helps in the optimization of your website and blog which is a significant element of content marketing strategy. Even this powerful tool is changing rapidly as new attributes are added from time to time. Even after such changes it still remains favorite among the marketers because it is a strong method to bring clients towards the company.

As the perspective of the users are changing and development process is taking place, the SEO is also evolving. So, it has become really difficult to always make use of the latest SEO techniques for successful optimization. That is why many companies make mistakes and do wrong SEO. If such a thing happens, it will hurt your SEO more than doing good.

Your goal to increase the traffic and conversion rates can go upside down with the implementation of SEO mistakes. It is really tough to avoid those mistakes in real-time. But, one thing that can be done is taking preventive measures beforehand.

So, here is a list of 7 common mistakes of SEO that should be avoided from day 1.

Mistakes to avoid in SEO for your business to gain the desired result
1. Selection of the right keyword

The keywords are the prime aspect on which the optimization of SEO is based. A very common mistake often made by companies is selecting a keyword without checking the preference of the search engines and users for long tail keywords. It is important to understand the specific term that your potential customers may use while searching for your product or service. Sometimes, using a keyword that is too much generic can mean something else to people. So, it is best to use online keyword optimizing tools before making use of any kind of keywords in your new blog.

2. Proper keyword stuffing

One common mistake often occurred in the SEO or search engine optimization is improper keyword stuffing. You might think that using the focus keyword in every line of the sentence will increase your SEO rank. But, the result will come out opposite if you do such things. The overuse of keywords is considered as spam by the search engines.

In simple words, you can say that it actually hurts SEO. So, there is no point in using the keyword so many times in a blog. Posting such content will make it unreal and unnatural.

3. Creating content that has no relation to the keywords

A very common mistake often made by the content creators is that they create content not related to the keyword provided. For ranking a keyword high, it is important that the text of the content is related to the keyword. Search engines like Google like to provide their users with relevant content. So, if your focus on writing the content shift from the keyword, your keyword rank will fall.

It is a common problem that mostly occurs when someone tries to insert more than one topic in particular content. The primary goal of the content writer should be to create contents that are truly similar to the keyword and easy to understand.

Creating content that has no relation to the keywords

4. Publication of duplicate or non-original content

Well, getting ideas from somewhere else is in practice since ages ago. But, today’s search engines are smarter than the old methods. They can easily detect the copying or duplication of the content. So, you should aim to create content that is Plagiarism free. Or else, the search engines will detect it as spam content.

So, instead of copying down the whole content that you have found somewhere else, just read it carefully 2 to 3 times and take the idea instead. Put your own imagination and words to create content instead.

5. Inserting proper title tags and meta tags

Only inserting the keyword will not make any difference if you do not use proper title tags and meta description. The title tags and meta description have a huge impact on the overall performance of your content. The search engines give huge importance to these optimizing factors. So, it is important that you make use of these tools for proper result. So, make sure to properly insert these things in your content.

6. Use of quality links

Inserting links in content is a common practice of the content writers. But, is it really helping your SEO performance? Nowadays, it is more important to use quality link than using them in bulk. Instead of using many external links in your content, try to put links that are relevant and belong to a well-ranking website.

Also, make sure that the anchor text used in the content is proper. The anchor text helps the readers as well as the search bots to understand what the link is about. So, putting relevant anchor text is important. Or else the readers may not find what they are looking for and leave your website immediately. Also, the search engines will find it spammy if you use same anchor text many times.

7. Not giving importance to internal links

Using internal links for the purpose of ranking your page is a common practice. But, you should not treat it as unnecessary work. The internal links are as important as the external ones. If you put the internal links unnecessarily, then it will be considered as spam by the search engines. Also, the readers will lose interest due to irrelevant links. So, make sure to put internal links that are focused and matched with the topic of your content.

I hope now you have found what you came looking for. These are some of the common mistakes that every search engine optimization or SEO personal should avoid.

How to deal with the SEO problems from day 1?

As we know, there are two types of SEO, i.e. on-page SEO and Off-page SEO. There are SEO or search engine optimization specialist who deals with the off-page SEO. But, the on-page SEO should be taken care from day 1. For on-page SEO, it is vital to make use of the latest technologies which follow the rules of the SEO while developing an app. So, the selection of developers for your new app development is very crucial. You should select an app development company whose developers know how to build an on-page SEO optimized website or app.

There is no need to worry if you don’t know about any such company. Here is one for you who can build a highly on-page SEO optimized app.

Best website developers at your service

Openweb Solutions is a one-stop shop for those who are looking for high-quality web and mobile apps that are on-page SEO optimized. Their developers have huge experience in developing apps for a wide range of domains like healthcare apps, stock apps, etc.

They only use the latest technologies that are vital for creating SEO optimized apps. For any kind of help or query, feel free to contact them at sales@openwebsolutions.in.

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