Top 10 Must Have Features for Your Real Estate App Development

By Sangita Chatterjee

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Top 10 Must Have Features for Your Real Estate App Development

Heading from one broker to another is backdated now. As technology has advanced our way has changed. Nowadays we depend on technology very much. If you want anything you will look into the internet for it. It applies from vacation to healthcare. In every aspect of our life technology is there to serve its part. Real estate isn’t out of it. You can find the best deal through apps for real estate. But to build the app you need a real estate app development company that can do the job for you.

Here in this blog, I will be discussing the important features you must have in your real estate app development to make it more appealing to your potential customers.

The Most Important Features in Your Real Estate Showing App

1. Personal Account

Let the users creating their personal accounts will make the process faster and easier. They will have to log in with their personal account which will contain their contact numbers, email address, contacts of social media. Their accounts will be verified through their phone numbers. It will also make their accounts safer to use.

2. Different Property Lists

Your real estate app will have varieties types of properties. A list of all these types of properties will help your visitors to select the particular type they were searching for. It will reduce their searching time and make it easier.

3. Details of the Properties

The in-depth details of the properties that are enlisted on your website should be on your website. Your customers will have the all needed information about the property they are looking at. It will help them to select a suitable one for themselves.

4. Images of the Properties in Real Estate App Development

Visual details are always more helpful. You should add images and videos of the enlisted properties. Seeing the images will make the property and your website more reliable to your customers. They will be sure about their choices.

5. Amenities of the Property

Mentioning all the amenities such as parking, gym, garden, club, community hall, etc. the customer will get with their property is important. It will make the property more highlighted and appealing to the customers.

6. Customize Search in Real Estate App Development

As there in your app will be a huge number of properties, you should insert the search option to help your customers. They should have the facility of customizing their search with the budget, types, size, location, amenities, etc.

7. Tracking Leads

In your real estate investment app the investor will get all the information about their property visitors to take the deal to the next level. It will make the task faster than usual.

8. Geo-location Feature of the Property

With this feature, the customers will know which property is where situated. It will also give the direction of the property to the buyer when they will be they wanted to visit it personally. It is a very helpful feature for the people who are new in a particular locality.

9. Nearby Facilities

Your real estate app will also show the nearby necessary facilities such as schools, hospitals, transportation, local vendors, etc. It will help your customers to decide if they want the property or not.

10. Calculating Mortgages

Finance plays a significant role in the property business. If you integrate a mortgage calculator in your real estate asset management software then your customers will be able to calculate if the property is within their budget or not.

After knowing about all these important features you must be thinking of building one for your real estate company. But let me tell you with so many of them it is a possibility that you will choose the wrong one and that will be totally disastrous for your business growth. So, here is the perfect solution for this.

The Reliable One for Real Estate App Development

Openweb Solutions is one of the best whom you can rely upon without any doubts. They have their expert team of developers to build the app which you might need to grow your business. Not that they only have to expertise in this domain, they have also developed healthcare app, stock market app, logistics apps, educational apps, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Contact them and grow your business to its extent.

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