Learn about the Useful Web Applications of Today!

By Partha Ghosh

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Learn about the Useful Web Applications of Today!

After the invention of smartphones, we can see, people spend most of the time with their handheld devices. It has been noticed that youngsters are more prone to using smartphones than adults. In the last couple of years, this usage has phenomenally increased with access to free internet and high bandwidth permit.

Common websites for browsing

So, the B2C websites of yesteryears are mostly browsed through smartphones. Hence, the definition of websites has changed. To check, what are the common types of websites for browsing, check the list below:

  • Hotel booking
  • Air Ticket/Train Ticket booking
  • Directory
  • Matrimonial
  • Social Networking (uber strong)
  • Sports Websites
  • Over the Top Websites like Hotstar, Netflix, etc.

Pro-website users

This is all about B2C websites for the common purpose. Fortunately or unfortunately, all of these types of websites have thorough Mobile Apps today due to an increase in service demand and page visits. Now, if we slightly fine tune the usage segment and shift our attention to pro Website users, we will see, people tend to visit

  • Online Code repository
  • Online Q&A sites
  • eLearning sites
  • Blog sites
  • Professional networking
  • Job sites
  • Virtual Game engines & platforms, etc.

Popular business type web applications

When we talk about today’s useful Websites, we should define the market in terms of the present potential. And yes, in spite of the presence of most types of Websites, people are interested to build specific Web Applications for their business. For example,

  • A hotel chain owner would like to have his own online platform
  • A service integrator would like to have an eCommerce and Customer interaction platform on the cloud
  • A big travel agent would like to have Global booking & reservation system in place
  • A training institute would like to have a student portal in specific
  • A brick n mortar company would like to have an Online Marketplace
  • A channel would like to start its web version

Reasons for the craze of web applications

And like the above, there could be many other websites too. The craze behind building specific Web Applications is for the reason of,

  • Building specific branding
  • Controlling data on their own rather than sharing in a Public Cloud environment (though it is highly safe)
  • Building data analytics to become market ready ahead of competitions
  • Local promotions in Local Languages with specific demography engagement tactics
  • Saving cost to invest in third-party platforms for the promotions

These reasons can result in focused penetration in the appropriate market. In bidding marketplaces, the demand for similar Web Application projects is very common. People from non-English speaking countries also look forward to establishing similar Websites, Portals, and Web Applications for their individual needs. It is observed that there is an increase in demand for automation like:

  • Agrotech
  • FMCG
  • Medicines & Care
  • Hospitality
  • Service Delivery etc.

Marketing is actually helping to pump fresh requirements. Having a useful Web Application for the business is really impressive as it can:

  • A faster approach to the market
  • Quick business promotions
  • Once developed as Mobile Responsive Sites, can be browsed from smartphones
  • Quick reporting & data analytics
  • Huge customer data as today “Data is the ONLY asset” for any company

So, let’s start a discussion on how Web Application would be useful for your Business Needs.

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