Open Source Software: Decoding Controversies and their Solutions

By Partha Ghosh

Open Source Software: Decoding Controversies and their Solutions

Everyone around the world has some idea what an open source is, right? Well, if you don’t actually know, there is no need to feel left behind. Let me simplify it for you! Any product designed to be publicly accessible that can be used, modified, and shared by people is known as “open source”. So, any software whose source code can be accessed, inspected, and enhanced by most users can be called open source software.

There are some age-old controversies going around the technical world regarding the use of open source software. But, before touching that part of the discussion, let me tell you an interesting story about my personal experience.

“Recently, I had visited an old friend in Jamshedpur. It’s been a long time since we two met. He has been calling me to show his new business setups and also to have some quality time together. During my visit to his place, he showed me all his new achievements and discussed a very important matter. He wanted to expand his business approach by digitalizing it. I found out that he wanted to develop his new app on an open source platform which is generally not a bad idea. But, the surprising fact was that he wanted to customize and implement an open source software by a freelancer and not from any reputed app development company.
He had taken this decision just because someone told him that it is almost free of cost or less expensive than premium software. Being associated with the IT industry for almost 15 years, I know how much important it is to take expert’s opinion, especially when we want to utilize the Open Source Software. Only an expert developer of a reputed company can make proper use of the open source platform and develop a user-friendly and working software.”

The usefulness of the open source software is huge and cannot be ignored. It has contributed a lot to the IT industry. But, accepting and chasing something blindly is more devastating than good. People are ignoring its negative phase because of too much involvement.

An open source software has many drawbacks which can give a negative impact on the company’s growth. For example, Linux is an open source platform which is accessible for everyone. When everyone has the access to something, the value of that object often decrease. The developers who program open source software just go on coding without expecting anything in return which is really appreciable. But, for commercial purpose, it will not do any good.

For example, Linux is an open source software operating system. The developers go on developing and made this OS without considering the UI much. But, a visionary like Steve Jobs had considered the user’s sensibility and made a highly user-friendly operating system the macOS. And, there is no need to describe how popular macOS is.

So, without wasting any more time of yours, let us directly jump to the controversies and their solutions for which you are here.

Common yet highly ignored problems of the open source software
  • Lack of user-friendly components

The developer’s perspective is mostly high in an open source software. The biggest problem with developers is that they often lack to think from the user’s side. A developer may build an open source software that can solve the large problem fast. But, it lacks the ease of use at GUI (Graphical User Interface) layer, which is very important when you are building the software for non-technical users. You cannot earn from your application if your customers do not understand and use it.

Also, if you run a non-technical company and have built it for your employees to work on, this could lead to extra headaches. You may need to train your employees to work on such non-user-friendly and complicated interface.

  • Tech support is almost zero

Technical problems commonly arise with newly developed software. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to always remain prepared. So, whenever any technical issue arises, you can resolve it and do not let the issue hamper your production or sales. When you are going for an open source software, there is no guarantee that you can get instant help. You cannot just ask someone to fix the bug since it is not their job. The only thing you can do is to wait. Post your problems in the community and wait for someone to provide you with the solution. This is clearly not a professional approach.

You may need to hire an external developer to deal with the issue. Clearly, this will cost you more money than before.

Expert’s solution for avoiding such problems beforehand

To build any software that is highly user-friendly, you have to think from their end. In simple words, you need a visionary who can foresee the usability issues beforehand. All these qualities are only possible to achieve when you are developing your new application from a reputed app development company and not using some free or open source software.

You will find everything you need in a reputed app development company like skilled developers, expert advisors, proper management team, and post-development support team. And the most important feature is that they can develop your new app on a premium programming platform like Python, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

From the above, it is clear that if you are developing an app for commercial purpose, it is always better to go to the pro.

Well, worried and confused again? Let me guess the reason for your concern. Now, you must be worried where to find a reputed commercial software developing company, right?

Let me make your daunting task of finding a reputed company easy. Just go through the below section.

A reputed app development company at your service

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They have highly trained, skilled, and educated developers. For any kind of queries or scheduling an appointment, mail them at sales@openwebsolutions.in.

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