Learn the “new normal” of Stock Market in the COVID-19 crisis

By Partha Ghosh

Learn the “new normal” of Stock Market in the COVID-19 crisis

With the rising cases of COVID-19 around the world, concerns are turning into fear among the hearts of the people. The industrial sectors and service-based companies have taken a great hit from this pandemic. Among all such industries, the influence of COVID-19 can be seen greatly in the stock market.

The COVID-19 has created a turmoiled situation for the stock market. You may have heard or seen how the trade, stock, etc. are getting extremely low. These fluctuations are affecting our country’s economic stability badly as the stock market plays a crucial role in the economy.

So, it is highly important that the stock market must go on without getting any disruptions. But, how to achieve such goals in this time of crisis? Well, that is where the new normals come into play.

Making a few changes in the trading and operating procedures can become a great deed of help. And the best thing is that from companies to individuals, everyone can accept these changes. There can be many types of changes one can go for. But, what we are taking here is about technological implementations.

What technological changes you can make to survive in COVID-19?

Artificial intelligence:

This might not be a new thing to go for but in this time of crisis, it can do something else for you. Stock marketers always need to think ahead of others to achieve the best. But, in this time of crisis, it is really hard to achieve such goals when your mind is not at peace. AI technology can learn quickly and perform the tasks in your place even if you are not paying attention all the time. Software or customized apps can be developed to cater this according to your needs.

Robo advisers or online consultancy:

Right now as you are not able to physically visit places and take consultation face to face, you can go for the online versions. There are AI-based robots that learn from the user’s input and behavior. Unlike human advisers, you do not have to pay them any fees. Also, you can take help through free online channels. But, the best thing will be to go for a private connection for security reasons.

Virtual currencies or blockchain:

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India has changed its stance regarding the virtual currency like bitcoin. It is one of the most secure ways of transactions ever made. While you are working from home on a private network, security is a great issue. You cannot have a completely secure connection while using such servers and networks. But, making the payments in this disruptive technology can provide you that security.


The SaaS technology can be used to develop an app especially catered for your needs and trading style. You can add lots of personalized features that are not available on other ready-made stock market apps. So, you will always remain connected to the market to get the best deal quickly before others. To know more, click here.

You might have got some idea that all the above-discussed plans or ideas are to make one stay at home while remaining productive. So, now with these technologies, you can remain safe and continue your stock market business at the same time.

There is a company Openweb Solutions providing free consultation about the stock market-related technologies we have discussed above. They have expert developers for such works at minimal cost rates. Give them a call to know more.

Stay Home and Stay Safe!

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