Is goodwill valued more than money? Truth Revealed!

By Suman Saha

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Is goodwill valued more than money? Truth Revealed!

“A wise man should keep money in his head, not in his heart”

-Jonathon Swift

It has been ancient wisdom to follow the nucleus of your soul in order to pursue excellence. But, the modern system of existence has compelled us to somehow opt for a compromising middle zone as a most befitting survival strategy. The real problem, however, lies when we are pushed even beyond that middle zone to go deeper into a chaotic crisis. The agenda of this strangling compromise is always at an encroaching threshold of our ever diminishing goodwill or the essential spirituality. Yes…money makes the difference and therefore it matters the most. But, in the name of this survival procedure what we are doing in this rat race context is to sacrifice our inherent goodness to fulfill our covetousness instinct. In the process, we gradually tend to lose ourselves into a quagmire of a standstill situation, devoid of any growth, denied by our intellectual promises. Thus while we think we are rising in the ladder of our career graph we are actually sinking into a potential recession, some kind of qualitative disorientation leading to a consistent negation of the self. It would rather be our primary responsibility to take refuge in the essential power of our goodwill, the strength of our mind which is perhaps the only agency to resist the onslaughts of this money craving mentality. This would definitely result in a positive exploration of innovative technologies and cumulatively contribute to all-round development of our skill-based economy. The best way to promote this will power is to insinuate certain productive methodologies amongst the young employees of our industry so that we together can usher in a new era of technological innovation and glorify our national solidarity in the face of this universe. Let us swear in the name of humanity that our will power and good sense will prevail over all other evils of lust and greed. The genial essence of our firmness and conviction will rise to a new dawn of sublime consciousness.  

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