7 Important Features for Your Logistics Website Development

By Sangita Chatterjee

Logistics website development

7 Important Features for Your Logistics Website Development

With so many logistics company you will face tough competition. But to reach more people you can develop your own website. Your customers will get all the important information about your business from there. It will also advertise your services. You can use it as a perfect marketing tool. But to make it more visible and accessible to your customers you need a professional logistics website development company.

Knowing the types of logistics official websites will be helpful to understand the design of your logistics website. There are three types of logistics website, such as,

Corporate Websites

Corporate firms run these types of websites. They make their mission, news, services, fleet, etc. prominent to their existing and potential customers.

Freight Marketplaces

This website owner didn’t have their own fleet, they more like a middleman between the shipper and carriers. They will get the matching capacity demand in real-time.

Freight Forwarders

The owners of this website offer a huge range of services, such as packaging, transportation, warehousing, distributions, etc. They act like agents who will help the fleet to move from one place to other.

Now here in this blog, I will be discussing the important features that you should have on your logistics website.

The Essential Features To Make Your Logistics Website Unique

1. Loading Time

Keeping track of your loading time is important. Your customer will get frustrated and will leave the page if your website takes too much time to load. Also, you can entertain your visiter with some animations or music or something like that, though making it faster is the ultimate solution.

2. Tech-unsavvy User

Technology is used in everything nowadays, but still now some of the people don’t get used to it. They won’t understand any complicated actions or instructions on your website. These tech-unsavvy people are also your potential logistics customers. You need to keep in mind them while developing your website.

3. Navigation with Logistics Website Development

The main navigation is essential. The main menu should be at the same place on every page of your website. So, the visitor can go to any page they want without many hazards or delay.

4. Visual Consistency

Your website should look eye-catching to the visitors. You can take a suggestion from the colour theory if you want. Use the colour of the background in contrast with the other elements of your page. The harmony in all the elements is necessary. You can also use some relevant pictures which will describe your services.

5. Search Box and CTA Button

Making your search box visible to your visitors will help them to go to their desired page from anywhere anytime they want. With the CTA button, they will be able to interact with you during their search.

6. Scrolling Option in Logistics Website Development

Many of us like to scroll rather than clicking. But be cautious about it. Make the scroll bar visible to the visitors and don’t make any page too long which will get your potential customers bored while going through it.

7. Follow Option and Social Media Share

Social media hold too much importance in our life. If your website has the option of social media share then you will definitely get more visitors than ever. Along with a follow button, your visitors can share with more people and it will increase your visibility among the potential customer.

At the end of the discussion, you might be thinking about your logistics website development but the main hindrance is selecting the company. Let me help you a little bit more with this.

The Best Logistics Website Development Company at Your Service

Openweb Solutions is the best among so many of them. If you are looking for someone to build your own logistics website then you should contact them. Their expert developers had a fair share of experience in the logistics domain. They will understand your needs and offer you the best available service charge in the market. With their knowledge, the end result will be amazing, that much I can guarantee you. So, what are you waiting for, contact them as soon as possible.

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