Basic Ways To Improve English Communication Skills

By Aheli Bharadwaj

Basic Ways To Improve English Communication Skills

Many people with different mother tongues have a fine knowledge of English grammar but you may find themselves less confident when it comes to actually have a conversation in English. In reality, the only way to develop fluency in speaking is by huge amounts of listening, and then practicing. Listening is the foundation for speaking! 

Listen As Well As Speak

In a conversation, it’s better to try to balance the listening and speaking. It’s a good idea to prepare questions in advance so that the conversation will flow back and forth.

Record Your Conversation Practice

It is always a good idea to record a conversation and listen to it later so it will help to figure out the problems and notice areas where you need to improve. It will also help to take notes on new vocabulary or misunderstandings in conversation.

Surround Yourself With The English Language

Another way to improve English speaking skills is to immerse yourself in English as much as possible. Watch movies or TV in English, English channels news, sports commentary, music in English with subtitles if you need them, and watch the same programs over and over. Most people find that they understand more each time.

Read Aloud

Reading out loud is a great way to practice speaking when there are no conversation partners available. Reading aloud gives you a chance to focus on pronunciation and pacing without worrying about coming up with words. Make sure to practice with material that you can understand.

Find An English-Speaking Conversation Partner

It will be way better if you really find a partner for your English communication, with whom you can practice.

Talk To Yourself

Saying your thoughts out loud or narrating your actions can be a very effective way to practice spoken English. By talking to yourself, you can become more fluent in translating your thoughts into spoken words. Practicing alone is also a low-pressure way to practice, and it will help to grow your confidence in speaking in English.


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