Tea-estate Software Development: 8 Features to Manage Your Estate

By Sangita Chatterjee

tea-estate software development

Tea-estate Software Development: 8 Features to Manage Your Estate

Like any other sectors tea-estate also being more technology-oriented day by day. The new generation owners are more kin to use new technology to manage their estate. Keeping track of all that is going on has become easier with the new technology. The tea garden software would do all the data management and analysis. With the tea-estate software development maintaining the whole process has become hassle-free.

The tea industry is one of manpower based industry. To maintain all the records and data of this huge manpower you would require software. To establish yourself in this competitive market you would need tea garden software solutions to customize a tea software for you. Here in this blog, I would be discussing some of the features of tea software.

Some Features of Tea Software You Must Have

1. Tea Planting and Plucking

The tea industry is a manpower based industry. You couldn’t do the planting and plucking with the machines. To manage so much manpower and maintaining their daily work would prove hectic. But with software, this could be done without any mistakes. The amount of tea planting or plucking is another thing that requires maintenance. With the inventory software, these huge amounts could be well sorted.

2. Tea Processing and Production With Tea-estate Software Development

Though it is possible to handle all the processing and production all by the manpower with the assistance of software it would become easier. The tea software would help in MRP or Material Requirement Planning. And with the right amount of mixture your product would do better in this competitive market.

3. Attendance of Your Labours

In the tea-estate, there are so many labours, that you need to maintain a register. But there would be chances of errors and your competent labours could be in loss. If that happens then they won’t be interested to work for anymore. All that would be sorted if you have software to keep all the records.

4. Employee Payroll Management

With these lots of employees, you might be having difficulties to manage all their accounts and daily payments. So, if you own a tea software to do that for you then there would be no chance of mistake s. And the job would be done much easily and in less time.

5. Tea Selling With Tea-estate Software Development

To earn most of the profit from your tea-estate, you should sell your tea properly. To make that happen you should have knowledge about what is profitable for you, selling your tea in an auction or through the brokers. With the tea software, you could get the related data which would help you to make your decision.

6. Data Analysis and Reporting

To get more profit not only from the garden but also all the news of the head office should be in your knowledge. The software could keep track of all of that. It would also do the analysis and send the reports to the admin automatically.

7. Store Management

Many of the tea-estate owners have their own tea stores to manage. The software could help you with the inventory and billing of the products. Alos help you to analysis how much you are profiting from the business and make the report of that on its own accord.

8. Costing

With all the data and reports you could get some idea of the market rate of your products. Your tea software would manage all the payments and accounts of your and your employees. It could help you to determine the maximum profitable cost of your tea.

After knowing these important features and how are they going to help you to run your business, you maybe want one for yourself. But the point is who is the best tea garden software solutions for you. Let me help you with this too.

Rip Your Fruit With Your Wise Choice

Openweb Solutions is one of the best choices you could make in tea-estate software development. They would give perfect solutions for all of your requirements. Their developer team is well-aware of what you need to run your tea-estate smoothly and gain a suitable amount of profit. They would customize the software for you accordingly. Their experience and knowledge would prove beneficial for you. They have experience in other domains such as retail software, healthcare software, travel and hospitality software, education software, etc. If you still have doubt then I suggest you try for yourselves.

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