Passion, Purity, Performance: Three Years as Openweb’s Crewman

By Suman Saha

working at Openweb

Passion, Purity, Performance: Three Years as Openweb’s Crewman

It has been a marvelous journey through the winding path of my career ever since I have joined the folk of Openweb. It has been three years and now I have become an integral part of this company. Living a life of Openwebber has been a thrill induced with learning process where nothing is burdensome.

Yes! It’s a truth that the work schedule of our life is never a primrose experience…it’s rather going in a roller-coaster mode with its obvious twists and sudden jerks. But, that is exactly the way life is, right? The twists have provided me with more flexibility and the jerks have prompted me to become extra cautious.

The team building mechanism here works as a family where each individual contributes to a collective achievement of the institution. Thus I never experience the feeling of being left alone and everything glides into a smooth functioning. The instruction from the upper stratum never seems like an authoritative dictum but rather it measures the loopholes in my performance to
bring out a sharper edge and hone my skills like never before. This optimization of productivity not only yields a better quality mark of the individual but also creates a healthy atmosphere properly aligned to the standard work ethics. I really enjoy being a part of this legend where each moment is magically transformed into an eternity of wish accomplished.

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I am working in Openweb Solutions as a web developer. Besides coding, blog writing is a passion for me

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