How to treat your employees for better productivity?

By Suman Saha

How to treat your employees for better productivity?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… it has been an ancient proverb that reminds us of the capability of the human brain and how it can be optimized. In the present day scenario, we tend to forget this and instead keep an eye only on the wheel of profit. It is now high time to give it a second thought as to does this truly increase our working ability or does it gradually diminish the potential of human resources.  In order to contribute a great amount of positivity, we must now look into the very core of our work ethics.

The phenomenal growth of a company depends directly upon the vitality and zeal of its people…how far and how long they are putting their efforts willingly. Now it becomes a pertinent question to increase the productivity of your employees so much so that it creates a visible growth in the graph of the company’s return.  


Friendly work environment: The most vital contributing factor in the context of employee productivity would be to ensure a friendly environment in your workplace. It should always be kept in mind that the human brain is at its best while giving a free play. Therefore any sort of external interference, be it peer pressure or target orientation, can damage the ultimate exposure of human potential.


Incentives and acknowledgment: Although it is not ideal that we should work for appreciation. It is an undeniable fact that we do expect a positive acknowledgment of our efforts invested. So some sort of incentives, be it a concrete one or an abstract one, would definitely work as positive reinforcement and thus will increase the energy and vitality of the employee.


Peer pressure: It is true that we should not engage our employees in some sort of a blind rat race but a reasonable amount of healthy competition is utterly needed in order to increase the productivity of the people. It will bring them out of a habit of getting used to and will function as an appetizer for success.


Flexibility: This works as the cornerstone of victory since we stoop to conquer the battle. The workplace should always ensure a breathing space for the employee so that they enjoy the experience rather than seethe under a claustrophobic bulldozer.  The module of work should be moulded according to the requirements of the employee keeping in mind the point of emergency.


Solidarity: This is perhaps going to be the most vital criterion of a good company.  The employees should always maintain a bond of solidarity so that their existence as an individual is eternally a part of the holistic notion of the institution. If this can be inculcated and imbibed within them the system will function automatically ensuring a smooth running of the process.


Now the employer should create sentiment and ingrain it into the veins of each and every individual worker so very rigorously that their contribution is matched with the pulsating effect of their vitality. For this, the first thing the employer should do is to abolish the fine line of master-servant distinction. The hierarchy should work as a composite team dedicated to the positive growth of the institution. It is only then we can visualize a glorious future teeming with a perennial shine.

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