Leaping UI, the future lies in Artificial Intelligence

By John Dave

Leaping UI, the future lies in Artificial Intelligence

Who would have thought that a concept that has its inception marked in the early 1956 would take the world of technology by storm in the coming years? This is exactly what AI has ended up doing, so much so that the big shots of the world of technology have adorned Artificial Intelligence the title of the ‘Holy Grail’ of Computer Science. They have opined that the future of Technology rests with Artificial Intelligence.

Before jumping on to AI, have a look at UI!

Now, what is a UI? The UI is basically a user interface. The best way to understand what a UI is by example. The user interface often has components of the AI or Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft Office Assistant is the most popular modern day IUI i.e. Intelligent User interfaces that you must know of.

AI- Inception & the fields of application over years

AI as a concept took its birth in the Dartmouth Conference in the year 1956. Since AI is the key to the future prospects in the world of technology it is of absolute necessity to get acquainted with the concept. Do not get panicked by the difficult definitions of the same. It is simply a form of computer technology that uses its advanced techniques to make the machines more intelligent and thus AI becomes extremely relevant in its applications in the modern society as well as the days to be.

In various activities like remote sensing, medical diagnosis, robot control, electronic trading etc AI programs play a vital role in recent times. But, over the years and even in the coming years this particular concept of AI has and will also see significant applications to enhance and develop industries like Healthcare, Finance, Transportation, Education, Aviation, Recruiting space and HR, Music, Marketing, Telecommunications and many more. It will also have its role in the future games and toys. Sounds interesting, don’t it?

Artificial Intelligence-The Concept

The artificial intelligence is a weapon that has been and is still being used to render cognitive functions to the machines whereby they can develop and exhibit problem solving and self learning attributes; a human alternative of sorts. Don’t be startled taking it in a literal sense. It only helps the machines mimic these human cognitive functions to provide the best and fast solutions in various industries that use technology. An AI based technology ensures the fact that a machine works with the same intelligence as that of a human mind. Mathematics, Computer science, linguistics, biology, engineering and psychology resides at the very core of Artificial Intelligence as a concept which obviously explains its versatile application in a variety of industrial fields that is foretold to bring about great revolutions in the society and technology of tomorrow.

The Future: AI-based Technology

Over the years the complex yet simple concept have entered industrial arenas for the good and it is also expected to do the same more extensively in the future. Advancement is a key to technology and with the inception and progression of artificial intelligence it has been a huge source of nurturing. Take Speech Recognition tool development for instance, one without the AI would only determine the language that the users speak. However, a tool that is AI based goes beyond the mere recognition of the language that is been spoken; the AI driven speech modulation functions helps track accents, behavioral patterns as well as the emotion involved. The case of a simple computer program can be posed as one of the common examples. An AI based computer program will most definitely answer specific questions as well as the general questions that are related. Some of the global social and economical challenges are also being fought by employing AI. Researchers in Stanford have been reported to put AI to use to deduct the areas with maximum poverty levels by analyzing the satellite images. The power of AI is thus huge and will shape the technology of Tomorrow.

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