Aviation App Development: 5 Features to Enhance Passenger Experience

By Sangita Chatterjee

aviation app development

Aviation App Development: 5 Features to Enhance Passenger Experience

Smartphones are common for us nowadays. Almost everybody has one. We are more aware of our smartphones than anything else in our life. Many aviation companies are increasing the level of customers’ experience with the use of smartphones. Every smartphone has its own Bluetooth, they are using it to connect with their customers. General aviation has become extraordinary with the addition of beacon technology. You can always use technology for aviation management. With aviation app development you can improve your services.

Here in this blog, I will be discussing some features of the aviation management app to increase the efficiency level of your customer services and how you will be able to manage the whole business in an easier manner.

The Features Which Will Help to Increase Customer Satisfaction

1. Giving Updates with Aviation App Development

With the beacon technology, you can connect with a huge number of your customers. You can give them instructions in their own language. You will be able to announce in their own language about the boarding time, door closing, luggage tracking, take-off time, etc.

2. Indoor Navigation in the Airport

The app will give the direction of all the areas in the airport. Your customer can see the direction from the parking to security check-in, terminal, helpdesk, ATM, restaurants, shops, exits, etc. It will show them each and every turn in the airport. If they are landing for their connecting flight then it will help them by directing when and where will be their connecting flight, what is the fastest route to reach there on time.

3. Improving Operations with Aviation App Development

Beacon technology helps you to track all of your employees. That way you can solve the problem faster. If any of the passengers will get into any problem it will notify the nearest employee. You can resolve the issues faster. It will also help you to keep track of all your employees and passengers, so you will be able to know if they are wondering in the areas which are restricted to them. This will help to increase the overall security level.

4. Indoor Retailer

This feature will help the indoor retailers to send notifications to the passengers about their current offers. It will help the passengers to plan their leisure time during their waiting time for boarding on the plan. It also increases non-aeronautical revenues.

5. Transport Management

Whenever anyone flies to unknown places, most of the time they have to face harassment regarding transportation. But with this feature, it will inform them about the airport taxi services, reliable car rental services and also parking availability. This will turn your passengers’ journey a pleasant one.

6. Managing Flights

It will help from searching for flight schedules to flight bookings. Your passenger can book domestic or international tickets from your app. Also if needed they will be able to cancel it through your app. They can check the offer and deals regarding any flights, the status of their booked flights. It will answer all their enquiries regarding their flights.

After knowing all these facilities you might be also thinking of enhancing your passengers’ satisfaction level through this app. But the main hindrance is selecting the aviation app development company that will be able to build the app you require. Let me suggest one of the best.

The Best Aviation App Development Company

Openweb Solutions is one of the best aviation app development companies. They will help you to build the perfect aviation app to increase your passenger satisfaction. Their accomplished developers will it with all their knowledge and experience. They can make it possible for you. Not only in aviation but also in other sectors such as manufacturing, real estate, transport, agriculture, farming and many. If you are still in doubt then just contact them and discuss your requirements.

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