How AR/VR are changing the various Industrial Sectors?

By Partha Ghosh

AR and VR

How AR/VR are changing the various Industrial Sectors?

The Evolution of Technology is a never-ending process. This constant evolution of technology has carved a way for modern science to explore a new field called AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).

With the augmented reality and virtual reality, it is like science fiction has come to life. A constant technological effort has made this possible. In this technology, all the data is collected from the physical world around us so that the final result seems real and not some 3D generated hologram. It can be some street or some machinery or simply can be your very own room that you are seeing through the augmented reality.

But, you must be thinking that how this game like technology is changing the industrial sector, right? Well, to understand that you have to know what are these technologies actually do.

So, Let’s have a general idea of what are they before going any further.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is something that will take you out of your real-life and put you in the digital world. The digital world will feel like real life, even it will resemble the real world more ways than one. This will also trigger the emotions in you like the real-world or sometimes more than the real thing. It can make you forget about reality. Though it is in the market for many years still it has many sparks left.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality will also take the content from the real world and add some digital layers to it. It will heighten the involvement of any person. It will give a vivid picture of the present reality. Augmented reality is different from virtual reality. It didn’t make you forgot the real world. It will intensify the feelings. It will make you see, hear, and sense things more precisely that you won’t be able to without it. It will add 3d effects to the seen to make understand it better way with the help of digitization.

So, now that you know what are they, let us fast forward towards the topic which actually brought you here. With these technologies, you will be able to outshine a whole lot of your competitors in no time if you are able to harness its offerings.

The Usage of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Various Business domains

There are many usages of the technologies in the business world and these will for sure take you on the top as they will attract more customers than before with the technologies.

1. Retail

Augmented reality has taken the retail business on a whole new level. Your customers will be able to try the product virtually without even going into the store physically. They can select the color or size of their favored product and try it on the virtual changing room. This experience will help them to decide about the product more defined way. Your customers will feel like they are shopping physically rather than in their home with a device. This will make shopping more fun and efficient.

2. Transport

You can reach your destination faster with the technology, as it will show the map of the route with the 3d effect. Your driver will feel like he is seeing the roads physically, not in some maps. It will also inform them about the traffic and the shortest route they can take to get their destination on time.

3. Travel and Hospitality

Without showing your customers, there will be less chance to attract more towards your business in this domain specifically. With virtual and augmented reality, you can show them about the places they ware thinking about and the nearby hotels with 3d photos of the hotels. You can also show them the nearby places that they can go for sightseeing. Moreover, all travel apps will show these but if you can add more effects with the AR then it will be really eye-catching for your customers. If there is any museum then you can give them information while displaying the content with augmented reality.

4. Real Estate

The customers of your estate business will like to see for themselves what they are going to buy in reality. But with a busy lifestyle, it will take more time than one can think to schedule a meeting. But, if you can show them your goods with augmented reality then they will get to see the almost real view. It will save their time and you will be able to conduct the business faster.

5. Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, AR has played a bigger role to improve the procedures of treatments. It had improved the ways of surgeries. Now the doctors can interpret better with the augmented reality. It will help them to understand the disease better than they will choose how to fight it.

6. Education Sector and AR/VR

AR and VR are making education more fun and engaging. Students will get interested in the studies when they will be able to see it in figure and feel it. With augmented reality, they will get to do practical applications without getting messy and the lessons will be more memorable. The education sector is emerging with these technologies. You can read our other blogs for more information on this topic.

7. Interior Design

The interior designers can get real help with the augmented reality. They can have a primary view of what it will look like after they are done with their design. They will have the chance to change the design if there were any better alternatives before doing all the physical work. After the approval from their clients, they can start the physical work. It will save money, time, and performing multiple efforts.

Every industry has its own advantages with AR and VR applications. But one thing is for sure that it will take you to the top of your business and you can reach more customers and will increase your productivity immensely.

In Openweb Solutions, there are various AR/VR experts exploring the domain for many years now. You can contact them for a free consultation or a better understanding.

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