7 Powerful Tactics of Uber apps disrupting the Taxi Industry

By Partha Ghosh

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7 Powerful Tactics of Uber apps disrupting the Taxi Industry

Lots of things have been going on in the transport industry. One of the major sections of the transport industry that faced great changes in the course of time is the taxi. And when we say the word ‘Taxi’, the first word that comes to the mind of the people is Uber. And, why should not people think about the Uber when it comes to the taxi industry? After all, the major contribution in the revolution of the taxi industry is done by Uber Technologies Inc. or simply Uber. The Uber app is the greatest gift this company has given to the hand of the people.

You can say that Uber has brought the best ‘disruptive innovation’ in the taxi industry. They are the ones that have shifted the power of travel from the hands of the taxi industry to the people. They made it possible for the taxi riding people to avail drivers, their cars, and driving services just with the use of a mobile app on their smartphones.

Well, I understand that there are some legal issues going on in Uber industry but we cannot deny the contribution they have made. Not only they have launched their own way of customer-friendly taxi services but also they have opened new doors for similar network companies to enter this market and grow.

But, that is obviously not the thing you came here looking for, right? Well, the 7 tactics or strategies that Uber have used to disrupt the taxi industry are here for you:

The exclusive disruptive innovation techniques of the Uber
Uber app has helped in the eradication of various transaction costs

A major problem that almost every cab rider can relate to is the additional costs of a ride along with the base fare. Previously, when we hire a cab for a short route or for rental service we have to agree with whatever the taxi industry throw to us because of their monopoly in the market. They set their own price and fare charges because of this monopoly.

But, after the introduction of the uber app by the Uber Technologies Inc., now such costs no longer exists. The rental car can be booked with mobile apps without any additional costs. As you know, when you hire a traditional taxi, you have to pay an advance booking fee for every procedure. And when you get down, there is the base fare waiting for you.

But, Uber has ended these stereotypical ways of the traditional taxi industry. The drivers are not bound by any local taxi union rules, so they do not have to include those prices in their fare chart. Even if they have some insurance and maintenance cost, these costs are nothing when compared to the old ones.

traditional taxi no more

Boosted the productivity of assets and also the employment rate

Uber has launched an amazing productivity technique which is never utilized by anyone before. The unused or underused vehicles are turned into a profitable asset. There are many people whose private vehicle are not used much. These vehicles are mostly parked where they stay most of the time. Even if these vehicles are not used, their cost decrease. Uber is contacting those drivers and giving them an opportunity to work part-time as per their convenience. So, they can earn some extra with the uber app.

The Uber does not enter the licensing matter as they directly go into a contractual matter with the drivers. This ends the corporate employment rules for the driver and gives them the freedom to work as per their own convenience.

So, you can clearly see, how beautifully the entire working network operates.

Use of the latest technology in the taxi industry

Technology has been changing people’s life since its introduction. By, launching their service on the smartphones, Uber has made the best decision. This is because people love to use their smartphones and rely on it for almost every type of transaction related works. By, launching their service on such a huge platform, they have already looted the mind of many potential customers.

Now, the uber app users can book a car from anywhere as per their convenience. They do not have to wait for hours bargaining with each taxi passing by the road waiting for long hours. They have also made it possible for the users to schedule their ride. It has made the car riders really happy as now they do not have to miss an important event because of lack of transportation.

The best thing is that it has enhanced a sense of safety as the uber cabs are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Flexibility and variety comes next

A great thing about the Uber is that they are highly flexible in terms of price and timing which is discussed above. The traditional cabs have their predefined fee structure which is the same for all time. But, uber does not follow any such predefined fare chart. So, their price rates vary not only according to distance but also according to timing, weather, traffic, etc. So, there is a high possibility that you can get a low-cost ride from the uber app sometimes. One cannot say if such options are available for the traditional taxi industry or not.

Also, the uber has a huge variety of vehicle for every type of user’s need. So, it doesn’t matter how many people are traveling and for what distance, it is always beneficial for the long run.

Uber app has convenient and easy payment procedures

One of the best functions of the uber app is it enables the users to follow a cashless transaction procedure. The cost of the ride will be automatically deducted from your account. So, there is no need to worry about carrying huge cash whenever you are traveling through the uber taxi.

It is possible because, during the time of login in the mobile app, you can put your credit card details from where the money is deducted. Also, they provide discount coupons like uber promo code 2018 from time to time. So, you can get free rides from time to time if you stay connected.

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A rating system that enables them to improve their service quality everyday

There is a function in the uber app that enables the users and drivers both to rate each other. Also, along with the rating, you can tell them what you liked or didn’t like about the driver, service, vehicle, or other things related to the ride. This enables the company to improve the quality of service which was never present before with the traditional taxi.

Facing the market rules and controversies boldly

No matter how much controversies go around the Uber cabs, one thing is for sure that they do not fear them. They have boldly faced the market and local controversies to provide quality service to their clients. This should remain the prime aim of every service provider in the market which uber has proved.

So, if you are also in the taxi industry, you must have understood it now that how much it is important to implement the latest technology in your business approach for its growth. If you want, I can take you to the best taxi app development company for an uber like apps. Just go through the content given below to find the best one.

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